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Organization Development

Organization Development
The Process of Leading Organizational Change

Fifth Edition
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September 2021 | 516 pages | SAGE Texts
An essential introduction to organizational development, focused on modern practical applications of theories.

This new edition of Organization Development covers both classical and contemporary techniques of the subject making it an indispensable companion for students as well as practitioners. The book shows how theories of organization development may be used to create and grow successful enterprises in the context of today’s challenging economy. It provides a rigorous academic foundation for the subject without compromising on the relevant and practical instructions in OD ethics. The book provides students and practitioners with the organizational development tools necessary to succeed in the contemporary environment of globalization, rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and evolving workforce expectations.

Key Features:

• Detailed introduction to foundational theories that lay the groundwork for a thorough understanding of the subject
• Examples of global issues in the field of organization development

• Additional case studies to introduce students to the application of concepts in real-life scenarios.

• A new feature that showcases individual practitioners and researchers to highlight their experiences and the relevance of diverse types of OD
What Is Organization Development?
History of Organization Development
Core Values and Ethics of Organization Development
Foundations of Organizational Change
The Organization Development Practitioner and the OD Process
Entry and Contracting
Data Gathering
Diagnosis and Feedback
An Introduction to Interventions
Individual Interventions
Team Interventions
Whole Organization and Multiple Organization Interventions
Organization Culture and Design Interventions
Sustaining Change, Evaluating, and Ending an Engagement
Global Issues in Organization Development
The Future of Organization Development
Author Index
Subject Index


Donald L. Anderson

Donald L. Anderson, PhD, University of Colorado, teaches organization development and organization design at the University of Denver. He is the author of the text Organization Development (4th ed., Sage Publications, 2017) and editor of Cases and Exercises in Organization Development & Change (2nd ed., Sage Publications, 2017). He is a practicing organization development consultant and has consulted internally and externally with a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Dr. Anderson’s research interest is in discourse in... More About Author

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