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Organization Change

Organization Change
Theory and Practice

Third Edition
  • W Warner Burke - Columbia University, USA, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

August 2012 | 384 pages | SAGE South Asia
This best-selling text shows how effective organization change is grounded in sound knowledge about human behavior in the workplace. Author W. Warner Burke reviews various models and cases to demonstrate how to diagnose change issues in organizations. The book integrates theory and research with application for insight into all aspects of organization change.

Key Features

Discusses a range of theories to help understand organizations and change: Readers learn about open-system theory, Capra’s ideas about the life sciences, chaos theory, and Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.
Examines both evolutionary and revolutionary organization change, as well as the nature of change: The text discusses different types of change and also shows that organization change is initiated by changing behavior. 
Illustrates the usefulness of models: Models, including the Burke–Litwin model, help simplify and focus the organizational change effort. 

New to the Third Edition

Includes a new Chapter 11, “Organizational Culture Change”: This chapter focuses on changing an organization’s culture—“the way we do things”—the most difficult aspect of organization change. 
New sections on positive organization change and loosely coupled systems have been added to Chapter 14, “Organization Change: Integration and Future Needs,” providing direction on future organizational change efforts. 
Offers a new case on revolutionary change: The Dime Bancorp, Inc., case in Chapter 5 provides an example of change in an organization’s deep structure. 
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Sources for Understanding Organization Change
Rethinking Organization Change
A Brief History of Organization Change
Theoretical Foundations of Organizations and Organization Change
The Nature of Organization Change
Levels of Organization Change: Individual, Group, and Larger System
Organization Change: Research and Theory
Conceptual Models for Understanding Organization Change
Integrated Models for Understanding Organizations and for Leading and Managing Change
The Burke-Litwin Causal Model of Organization Performance and Change
Organizational Culture Change
Transformational Leadership
Leading Organization Change
Organization Change: Integration and Future Needs
Appendix: Annotated Bibliography

W. Warner Burke

   Originally educated as a social-organizational psychologist (Ph.D., University of TexaAustin), Dr. Burke is currently engaged in teaching, research, and consulting.   He teaches leadership, organizational dynamics and theory, and organization change and consultation.   His research focuses on multirater feedback, leadership, learning agility, and organization change.     Dr. Burke's consulting experience has been with a variety of organizations in business-industry, education, government, religious, medical systems, and professional services firms, including British Airways, SmithKline... More About Author

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