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Organization and Aesthetics

Organization and Aesthetics

224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book shows how aesthetic understanding of organizations can extend our knowledge and sharpen our insights into many processes that shape organizational action.

Organizational life is pervaded by aesthetics, yet conventional organizational analysis has been dominated by a `scientific', logico-rational tradition that ignores the aesthetic dimension.

The book highlights the role of emotion in organizations, the importance of symbol, the subjective influence of culture and the processes of learning and cognition. These phenomena are related to the aesthetic rather than to purify rational, demanding new modes of inquiry that allow us richer insight into the dynamics of organizational life.

Organization and Aesthetics provides a powerful new lens through which the daily, ever-chaning complexity of organizations can be better understood by students, researchers and mangers.

Organizational Aesthetics, Experience and Plausibility
Aesthetic Knowledge of Organizational Action
The Elusiveness of Organizational Aesthetics
The Beautiful in Organizational Life
Artefacts, Form and Aesthetic Categories

This book is quit advanced for the course I teach However I'll provide the reference to my student for those who would be interested in digging a bit more in this direction.

Mr Aura Parmentier
GREDEG, UNSA - Univ of Nice Sophia Antipolis
October 1, 2014

Provided a contemporary and comprehensive outline of organizational forms.

Dr Abdoulie Sallah
Business School, Staffordshire University
August 11, 2013

This is a fantastically useful book for a Qual methods course; whilst it's specialist and so not suitable as the main textbook, a chapter or two will certainly be key reading with the book itself on the supplementary reading list.

Dr Katie Best
Management , London School of Economics and Political Science
March 6, 2012

Antonio Strati

He is one of the founders of the research unit RUCOLA.... More About Author

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