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Opportunities and Strategies for Indian Business

Opportunities and Strategies for Indian Business
Preparing for A Global India

First Edition

February 2005 | 231 pages | SAGE Response
This volume discusses the opportunities that exist in Indian business and the strategies that Indian companies must adopt both to succeed in the current economic environment and to tackle global competition. The author critically examines the strategies adopted by successful Indian companies and contrasts these with less successful ones, and presents several unique ideas critical to growth and survival for Indian business.
Understanding Business Response to Economic Changes
The Ethos of Indian Business Houses
Understanding Business Strategies in the Indian Context
Ingredients of the Success Formula
Causes of Low Performance and Failure in Indian Business
Opportunism and Strategy in Indian Business

"Based on extensive research, this insightful book examines the manner in which Indian businesses have responded to change in general, and in particular, to a rapidly changing economic environment."


Sanjiv J Phansalkar

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ISBN: 9780761933342