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Online Learning

Online Learning

Four Volume Set
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With the recent emergence of Web 2.0 technologies and the widespread use and availability of laptop computers and wireless networks, the integration of digital technologies is increasingly seen as an inevitable factor in e-Learning and education. Online Learning examines the influence of new technologies on online pedagogy and provides an authoritative synthesis of existing research in the field. It also investigates the direction of e-Learning in the digital age. Consisting of approximately 85 articles, the five parts focus on:

Part I. Professional Development and Training
Part II. Digital Pedagogies
Part III. Digital Literacies
Part IV. New and Emerging Technologies
Part V. Online Assessment

A Research Agenda for Online Teacher Professional Development

Chris Dede, Diane Ketelhut, Pameal Whitehouse, Lisa Breit and Erin McCloskey
The New, Modern Practice of Adult Education: Online Instruction in a Continuing Professional Education Setting

Brain Donavant
Understanding Interpersonal Interaction in an Online Professional Development Course

Rod Githens
Learning to Teach With the Web: Factors Influencing Teacher Education Faculty

Michael Grant
Responding to Technological Change: IT Skills and the Academic Teaching Profession

Phillip Haynes, Ken Ip, Patrick Saintas, Stan Stanier, Helen Palmer, Nicola Thomas, Gareth Reast, Joyce Barlow and Fred Maillardet
Effect of an Internet Based Professional Development Program on Teachers' Assessment Literacy for All Students

Nan Huai, Jeffrey Braden, Jennifer White and Stephen Elliott
Pedagogical Implications of Online Discussion for Preservice Teacher Training

Yeonwook Im and Okhwa Lee
Integrating Technology into Field-Based Experiences: A Model That Fosters Change

Sharon Judge and Blanche O'Bannon
Appropriation, Mastery and Resistance to Technology in Early Childhood Preservice Teacher Education

James Laffey
Adoption of ICT by Teacher Educators: One-On-One Teaching

Kathryn Matthew, Rebecca Callaway, Catherine Letendre, Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez and Elizabeth Stephens
Learning to Teach With Technology: Authoring Practised Identities

Eli Ottesen
Supporting Change and Scholarship through Review of Online Resources in Professional Development Settings

Jason Ravitz and Christopher Hoadley
Can You Hear Me Now? Evaluation of an Online Wireless Technology to Provide Real-Time Feedback to Special Education Teachers-In-Training

Marcia Rock, Madeleine Gregg, Beth Thead, Sarah Acker, Robert Gable and Naomi Zigmond
Teaching Courses Online: A Review of the Research

Mary Tallent-Runnels, Julie Thomas, William Lan, Sandi Cooper, Terence Ahern, Shana Shaw and Xiaoming Liu
How Student Teachers Develop Their Understanding of Teaching Using ICT

Liz Taylor
Measuring the Learning of University Teachers Following Online Staff Development Courses: A Spanish Case Study

Luis Villar and Olga Alegre
Pedagogical Considerations for a Web-Based Tandem Language Learning Environment

Christine Appel and Tony Mullen
Digital Storytelling as a Signature Pedagogy for the New Humanities

Rina Benmayor
Building on Solid Foundations: Establishing Criteria for E-Learning Development

Eddie Blass and Ann Davis
Getting Up To Speed on the Information Highway: Integrating Web-Based Resources into Business Communication Pedagogy

Thomas Clark, Sherrie Human, Heidi Amshoff and Mike Sigg
Using Digital Videos to Enhance Teacher Preparation

Stacy Dymond and Johnell Bentz
E-Learning Pedagogy in the Third Millennium: The Need for Combining Social and Cognitive Constructivist Approaches

Uschi Felix
Forging a Learning Community? A Pragmatic Approach to Co-Operative Learning

Richard Hall
Cybertext Challenge: Teaching Literature In The Digital World

Raine Koskimaa
Going the Distance with Online Education

Jorge Larreamendy-Joerns Gaea Leinhardt
The Pedagogical Challenges to Collaborative Technologies

Diana Laurillard
Computer Mediated Conferencing for Management Learning at the Open University

Gilly Salmon
Integrating Technology into a Traditional Learning Environment: Reasons For and Risks of Success

Gunter Saunders and Fredrik Klemming
Management Classes As Online Learning Communities

Paul Shrivastava
Expanding Classroom Discussion with an Online Medium

David Slavit
Working With Difference in Online Collaborative Groups

Regina Smith
Cybercheats: Is Information and Communication Technology Fuelling Academic Dishonesty?

Attila Szabo and Jean Underwood
Rethinking Learner Support: The Challenge of Collaborative Online Learning

Mary Thorpe
Applying Distributed Learning Theory in Online Business Communication Courses

Kristin Walker
Multimodality, Literacy and Texts: Developing a Discourse

Eve Bearne
Literacy in the Digital Age: Learning From Computer Games

Catherine Beavis, Thomas Apperley, Claire Bradford, Joanne O'Mara and Christopher Walsh
How to Become a Sophisticated User: A Two-Dimensional Approach to E-Literacy

Romam Brandtweiner, Elisabeth Donat and Johann Kerschbaum
Digital Inequality Differences in Young Adults' Use of the Internet

Eszter Hargittai and Amanda Hinnant
A Review of School-Based Initiatives in Media Literacy Education

Renee Hobbs
Information, Knowledge and Learning: Some Issues Facing Epistemology and Education in a Digital Age

Colin Lankshear, Michael Peters and Michele Knobel
Children, Literacy and the UK National Grid for Learning

Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel
Children's Use of the Internet: Reflections on the Emerging Research Agenda

Sonia Livingstone
Gradations in Digital Inclusion: Children, Young People and the Digital Divide

Sonia Livingstone and Ellen Helsper
A Review of the 'Digital Turn' in the New Literacy Studies

Kathy Ann Mills
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing Social Futures

The New London Group
Teaching The Virtual Generation

Luigi Prosperio and Dennis Gioia
From Assimilation to Accommodation: A Developmental Framework for Integrating Digital Technologies into Literacy Research and Instruction

David Reinking, Linda Labbo and Michael McKenna
The Demographics, Motivations and Derived Experiences of Users of Massively-Multiuser Online Graphical Environments

Nick Yee
Virtual Team Learning: An Introductory Study Team Exercise

Delwyn Clark and Jenny Gibb
Three-Dimensional Virtual Worlds and Distance Learning: Two Case Studies of Active Worlds as a Medium for Distance Education

Michele Dickey
The Interactive Whiteboard: A Literature Survey

Derek Glover, David Miller, Doug Averis and Victor Door
The Affordances of Blogging: A Case Study in Culture and Technological Effects

Lucas Graves
Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age

Christine Greenhow, Beth Robelia and Joan Hughes
Online Chat Facilities as Pedagogic Tools

Graeme Kirkpatrick
Promoting Intercultural Exchanges with Blogs and Podcasting: A Study of Spanish-American Telecollaboration

Lina Lee
Creating a Successful International Distance-Learning Classroom

Craig Little, Larissa Titarenko and Mira Bergelson
The Slow Death of Formal Learning: A Polemic

David McGuire and Claire Gubbins
Computerized Games and Simulations in Computer-Assisted Language Learning: A Meta-Analysis of Research

Mark Peterson
Why Virtual, Why Environments? Implementing Virtual Reality Concepts in Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Klaus Schwienhorst
Integrating Web 2.0 in E-Learning Environments: A Socio-Technical Approach

Marianna Sigala
Building a Shared Virtual Learning Culture: An International Classroom Partnership

Doreen Starke-Meyerring and Deborah Andrews
More than 'Just a Game': The Implications for Schools of Children's Computer Games Communities

Ben Williamson and Keri Facer
A Constructivist Mobile Learning Environment Supported By A Wireless Handheld Network

Gustavo Zurita and Miguel Nussbaum
The Evaluation of Online Courses

Vincenza Benigno and Guglielmo Trentin
Designing and Assessing Online Learning in English Literary Studies

Benjamin Colbert, Rosie Miles, Francis Wilson and Hilary Weeks
Evaluation of an Online Tool for Assessing Competence in Achievement Testing

David Forbush, Donald Stenhoff, Eleazor Vasquez III, Matthew Furzland, Melina Alexander and Jared Stein
Student Online Self-Assessment: Structuring Individual-Level Learning in a New Venture Creation Course

Sherrie Human, Thomas Clark and Melissa Baucus
Developing Competent E-Learners: The Role of Assessment

Janet Macdonald
E-Portfolios: An Assessment Tool for Online Courses

Robin Mason, Chris Pegler and Martin Weller
The Experience of Collaborative Assessment in E-Learning

David McConnell
Assessing and Monitoring Student Progress in an E-Learning Personnel Preparation Environment

Edward Meyen, Ronald Aust, Yvonne Bui and Robert Isaacson
Virtual Communities and the Assessment of Online Marketing Education

James Peltier, William Drago and John Schibrowsky
Teaching Business Cases Online Through Discussion Boards: Strategies and Best Practices

Keith Rollag
Using the Online Environment in Assessment for Learning: A Case-Study of a Web-Based Course in Primary Care

Jill Russell, Lewis Elton, Deborah Swinglehurst and Trisha Greenhalgh
The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture

Lorrie Shepard
Learning-Teaching-Assessment Paradigms and the On-Line Classroom

Bruce Speck
Computer-Assisted Assessment: Suggested Guidelines for an Institutional Strategy

Derek Stephens, Joanna Bull and Winnie Wade
Assessment and Collaboration in Online Learning

Karen Swan, Jia Shen and Starr Roxanne Hiltz

'Online learning is growing rapidly as a discipline and in terms of its influence on education and training. Many activities that seemed impossible a decade ago - such as person to person online video - are now common place. The last 5 years have produced dramatic change in how individuals interact with each other and with information. This publication provides among the best theorizing, research, and implementation on online learning. Those who are new to technology in learning will find it a wonderful starting point. Those with extensive experience in online learning will find it to be an excellent foundation to revisit' - George Siemens, Athabasca University, Canada

Michael Thomas