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Online Interviews in Real Time

Online Interviews in Real Time

December 2009 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides emerging and experienced scholars the theoretical background and practical tips they need to design and conduct credible online interview research. Author Janet Salmons bridges the theoretical and the practical, with guidance for designing and conducting credible online interview research. This book focuses on data collection through dynamic online interviews in text-based, videoconference, meeting space or 3D immersive environments.

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: Real Interviews in an Online World
Chapter 2: Online Research with Techonology Tools
Chapter 3: Interviews for Scholarly Research
Chapter 4: Design for Credible and Ethical Online Research
Chapter 5: Sampling - Selecting Partcipants for Online Interviews
Chapter 6: Preparing for a Live Online Interview
Chapter 7: Conducting the Interview
Chapter 8: Visual Research and the Synchronous Online Interview
Chapter 9: Online Communications and Online Interviews - Trends and Influences

“This book is innovative because it not only does fills a gap in the qualitative research literature and resources for researchers and students, but also suggests that the use of the Internet to conduct interviews is appropriate for studying online and offline behaviors.”

Lorraine Williams
Center for Student Success at Walden University

“Qualitative researchers and research methods faculty will find this book both a useful and enjoyable addition to their libraries.”

Lorraine Williams
Center for Student Success at Walden University

“Some additional materials related to the topics of the book are available on the book’s website ( They are listed at the end of the book chapters. The resources on this website are updated regularly, because communication technologies may have changed significantly after the time of writing and publication of this book.”

Stanislava Stoyanova

“This book is also useful for students, because each chapter includes discussions and assignments whose goal is to assist better understanding and preparation for the process of online interviewing.”

Stanislava Stoyanova

“This is a very timely addition to the set of essential methodological texts that every qualitative researcher should have in their professional library. It covers an area where there as been little writing to date, it does so in a very read-friendly way, and it is comprehensive enough for even the novice reader, while still including the more senior researcher.”

Karen L. Tonso
Wayne State University

“I would highly recommend any student contemplating a research project involving real time interviews to purchase the text for its excellent overview of relevant research to guide and support the choice of this methodology…”

Jill Sperandio
Lehigh University

“Clarity of presentation, depth of coverage, excellent tables and figures….This book is informative and a pleasure to read. It has inspired me and I am excited about the prospect of teaching a course on online interviewing.”

Kim H. Knight
Roger Williams University

“I think the fact that the author has conducted online interviews, and selects and represents examples of research that use online interviews for discussion is a strength of the book. The author’s knowledge of technical information concerning how to use the tools of ICT is also an asset …”

Kathryn Roulston
The University of Georgia

“As a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Technology, my research on blended online learning design and the virtual classroom will benefit from conducting online interviews in their “natural setting” through synchronous technology. Doctor Salmon provides sound and timely methodological advice throughout the book both from a theoretical or a practical perspective and I highly recommend it.”

Annie St-Jacques
Ph.D. Candidate, Laval University, Quebec; Researcher-in-Residence, Dalhousie University, Halifax

“I think you have happened on the wave of the future”

Allison Deegan

Janet E. Salmons

Janet Salmons is an independent researcher, writer and consultant through her company,Vision2Lead, Inc.. Dr. Salmons wrote Doing Qualitative Research Online, Qualitative Online interviews, Online Interviews in Real Time (2010) and edited the Cases in Online Interview Research (2012) for SAGE Publications, as well as numerous articles and book chapters.Dr. Salmons has extensive experience teaching, mentoring, and facilitating online. She previously served on the graduate faculty of the Capella University School of Business, and was honored with the Harold Abel Distinguished Faculty Award for 2011-2012 and the Steven Shank... More About Author

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