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Onboarding Teachers

Onboarding Teachers
A Playbook for Getting New Staff Up to Speed

First Edition

June 2023 | 256 pages | Corwin

It’s all about the right support, at the right time, in the right amount

New teaching staff, whether novice or veteran, are a central part of a successful school year. So why is it that they are often greeted at the door of our school community with the autopilot vibe of a ticket taker at the movies? Onboarding Teachers changes the rules of engagement, offering activities and practical strategies that focus leaders and coaches on critical aspects of success for that make-or-break first year.

Built on high-impact instructional and coaching practices and ready for you to roll out in four eight-week cycles, everything you need is here:

  • Timely content aligned to needs as they come up throughout the year including the physical environment, engagement, and classroom management
  • Checklists and self assessments to gauge readiness
  • Sample emails and communication tips for various audiences
  • Coaching scenarios to apply and reflect on strategies
  • Links to access additional resources on-line

Half of all new teachers leave the profession within five years. We can reduce that attrition by integrating new members in a way that deepens connection and practice. With Onboarding Teachers, the wish for new teachers to find their stride becomes a plan.

Introduction: Building a New Generation of Educators
Cycle 1. Planning for Your First Day of School
Cycle 2. Starting Out Strong
Cycle 3. How Are We Building Students’ Perceptions of Excellence?
Cycle 4. Are We Teaching With Clarity?
Cycle 5. How Are We Using Evidence-Based Instruction to Foster Student Ownership of Their Learning?
Cycle 6. How Do We Teach Responsively?
Cycle 7. How Will Students Know They Are Successful?
Cycle 8. Closing the Year and Moving Forward

Nancy Frey

Nancy Frey is professor of educational leadership at San Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High and Middle College. Previously, Nancy was a teacher, academic coach, and central office resource coordinator in Florida.  She is a credentialed special educator, reading specialist, and administrator in California.  She is a member of the International Literacy Association’s Literacy Research Panel. She has published widely on literacy, quality instruction, and assessment, as well as books such as The Artificial Intelligences Playbook, How Scaffolding Works, How Teams Work, and The Vocabulary Playbook. More About Author

Michelle Shin

Michelle Shin, Ed.D., brings over 15 years of experience and research to her role at San Diego State University. She has a proven track record of excellence, transforming schools in the areas of instruction, systems, leadership, and culture. Dr. Shin has experience serving as classroom teacher in mathematics, teacher leader, site administrator, and educational consultant. Her life-long passion is to work with school communities and educators at all levels to ensure that all students and families have access to equitable, high-quality education. More About Author

Douglas Fisher

Douglas Fisher is professor and chair of educational leadership at San Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High and Middle College. Previously, Doug was an early intervention teacher and elementary school educator.  He is a credentialed teacher and leader in California.  In 2022, he was inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame by the Literacy Research Association. He has published widely on literacy, quality instruction, and assessment, as well as books such as Welcome to Teaching, PLC+, Teaching Students to Drive their Learning, and Student Assessment: Better Evidence, Better Decisions, Better Learning. More About Author

Enrico Biscocho

Enrico Biscocho is coordinator for new teachers in Long Beach Unified School District in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. As a lifelong learner, he always takes advantage of learning and growing in his profession. His passion for education was born from the many professional development opportunities he was provided. His 31 years in education have included teaching elementary, middle and high school, adult education, and one year in the UK with Fulbright. He received his masters degree from San Diego State in Educational Leadership.  More About Author

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