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Nursing Research Methods

Nursing Research Methods

Three Volume Set
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October 2009 | 1 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Nursing research is a diverse discipline which draws on methods and methodologies from across the social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences. Few if any of the approaches to research used within nursing are unique; however, their application within the complex milieu of nursing care has frequently raised distinctive challenges and generated novel applications. Nursing Research Methods brings together seminal sources that illustrate both the origins and the state of the art of research in nursing. The editors draw on methodological sources from outside the discipline that are influential and have shaped nursing research as well as discussions and debates about the application of particular methods within the field.

The work is organized around a selection of seminal studies which have been selected based on their significance and ability to represent the broad scope of the discipline. The studies cover key methods for nursing research and represent some of the diversity of the research topics that constitute the discipline. Because of the wide international audience, the editors take a broad view of the 'family' of nursing to include health visiting, public health nursing, and midwifery and nurse midwifery.

Observational and Quasi-Experimental Research
Nurse-Staffing Levels and the Quality of Care in Hospitals

Jack Needleman, Peter Buerhaus, Soeren Mattke, Maureen Stewart and Katya Zelevinsky
Nurses' Reports on Hospital Care in Five Countries

Linda H. Aiken, Sean P. Clarke, Douglas M. Sloane, Julie A. Sochalski, Reinhard Busse, Heather Clarke, Phyllis Giovannetti, Jennifer Hunt, Anne Marie Rafferty and Judith Shamian
Outcomes of Variation in Hospital Nurse Staffing in English Hospitals: Cross-sectional analysis of survey data and discharge records

Anne Marie Rafferty, Sean P. Clarke, James Coles, Jane Ball, Philip James, Martin McKee and Linda H. Aiken
Florence Nightingale Gets No Respect: As a statistician that is

D. Neuhauser
Hospital Construction and Management

C. Robinson
Problems and Methods in Research

Kerr L. White
Generating New Knowledge from Existing Data: The use of large data sets for nursing research

Tracy Magee, Susan M. Lee, Karen K. Giuliano and Barbara Munro
'Failure to Rescue' as a Measure of Quality of Hospital Care: The limitations of secondary diagnosis coding in English hospital data

Martin McKee, James Coles and Philip James
Registered Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in Acute Care: Looking back, pushing forward

Sean P. Clarke
Why We Need Observational Studies to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Health Care

Nick Black
The Causal Assumptions of Quasi-Experimental Practice

Thomas D. Cook and Donald T. Campbell
Controlled Trials
Patient Outcomes for the Chronically Critically Ill: Special care unit versus intensive care unit

Ellen B. Rudy, Barbara J. Daly, Sara Douglas, Hugo D. Montenegro, Rhayun Song and Mary Ann Dyer
Therapeutic Nursing or Unblocking Beds? A randomised controlled trial of a post-acute intermediate care unit

Andrea Steiner, Bronagh Walsh, Ruth M. Pickering, Rose Wiles, Jilly Ward and Julia I. Brooking
Substitution of a Nursing-Led Inpatient Unit for Acute Services: Randomized controlled trial of outcomes and cost of nursing-led intermediate care

Peter Griffiths, Ruth Harris, Gerald Richardson, Nancy Hallett, Shelley Heard and Jenifer Wilson-Barnett
Threats to Validity in Randomized Clinical Trials

Louis Fogg and Deborah Gross
Statistics Notes: How to randomise

Douglas G. Altman and J. Martin Bland
Treatment Effectiveness Research and Design Sensitivity

Mark W. Lipsey
The Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT): Guidelines for reporting randomized trials

Jill A. Bennett
Nursing-Led In-Patient Units for Intermediate Care: A survey of multidisciplinary discharge planning practice

Peter Griffiths
The Experiment: Is it worthwhile?

Jenifer Wilson-Barnett
Scales and Measures
The Nursing Stress Scale: Development of an instrument

Pamela Gray-Toft and James G. Anderson
A Japanese Version of the Perceived Stress Scale: Translation and preliminary test

Chizu Mimura and Peter Griffiths
Assessing Cross-Cultural Validity of Scales: A methodological review and illustrative example

Jason W. Beckstead, Chiu-Yueh Yang and Cecile A. Lengacher
Development of the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index

Eileen T. Lake
Is the Nursing Work Index Measuring Up? Moving beyond estimating reliability to testing validity

Greta G. Cummings, Leslie Hayduk and Carole A. Estabrooks
Grounded Theory
Myth of Empowerment in Chronic Illness

Barbara Paterson
Discovery of Substantive Theory: A basic strategy underlying qualitative research

Barney G. Glaser and Anselm L. Strauss
Qualitative Data as a Potential Source of Theory in Nursing

Margaret Jacobson
Producing 'Plausible Stories': Interviewing student nurses

Kath M. Melia
Grounded Theory in the 21st Century: Applications for advancing social justice studies

Kathy Charmaz
Doing Occupational Demarcation: The 'boundary-work' of nurse managers in a district general hospital

Davina Allen
The Ethnographic Approach and Nursing Research

Antoinette T. Ragucci
Ethnographic Evidence: The value of applied ethnography in healthcare

Jan Savage
Ethnomethodological Insights into Insider-Outsider Relationships in Nursing Ethnographies of Healthcare Settings

Davina Allen
Applications of Performance Ethnography in Nursing

Carrol A.M. Smith and Agatha M. Gallo
(Re)Writing Ethnography: The unsettling questions for nursing research raised by post-structural approaches to 'the field'

Trudy Rudge
Narrative Research
How People with Motor Neurone Disease Talk about Living with Their Illness: A narrative study

Janice Brown and Julia Addington-Hall
Telling Stories: Narrative approaches in qualitative research

Margarete Sandelowski
Narrative Methods in Quality Improvement Research

T. Greenhalgh, J. Russell and D. Swinglehurst
One Voice, Different Tunes: Issues raised by dual analysis of a segment of qualitative data

Jan Savage
Telling a Story, Writing a Narrative: Terminology in health care

John Wiltshire
Narrative Turn or Blind Alley?

Paul Atkinson
Nursing, Morality, and Emotions: Phase I and Phase II clinical trials and patients with cancer

Meinir Krishnasamy
Quality of Life: A phenomenological perspective on explanation, prediction, and understanding in nursing science

Patricia Benner
Phenomenologies as Research Methodologies for Nursing: From philosophy to researching practice

Jocalyn Lawler
Action Research
Older People in Accident and Emergency: The use of action research to explore the interface between services in an acute hospital

Jackie Bridges and Julienne Meyer
Frontiers in Group Dynamics: Channels of group life; social planning and action research

Kurt Lewin
An Assessment of the Scientific Merits of Action Research

Gerald I. Susman and Roger D. Evered
Using Qualitative Methods in Health Related Action Research

Julienne Meyer
Quality in Qualitative Research
Rationale and Standards for the Systematic Review of Qualitative Literature in Health Services Research

Jennie Popay, Anne Rogers and Gareth Williams
Sample Size in Qualitative Research

Margarete Sandelowski
Rigor or Rigor Mortis: The problem of rigor in qualitative research revisited

Margarete Sandelowski
Establishing the Credibility of Qualitative Research Findings: The plot thickens

John R. Cutcliffe and Hugh P. McKenna
The Newfound Credibility of Qualitative Research? Tales of technical essentialism and co-option

Rosaline S. Barbour
Case Studies
Determinants in the Development of Advanced Nursing Practice: A case study of primary-care settings in Hong Kong

Sheila Twinn, David R. Thompson, Violeta Lopez, Diana T.F. Lee and Ann T.Y. Shiu
A Case for Case Studies: Exploring the use of case study design in community nursing research

Ann Bergen and Alison While
Practical Considerations in Case Study Research: The relationship between methodology and process

Ann McDonnell, Myfanwy Lloyd Jones and Susan Read
Case Study: A bridge across the paradigms

Lauretta Luck, Debra Jackson and Kim Usher
The Case for Case Studies in Nursing Research: The problem of generalization

Keith Sharp
Comparison of Findings from a Single Case in Relation to Those from a Systematic Review of Action Research

Julienne Meyer, Karen Spilsbury and Jacqui Prieto
Critical Incident Technique
Developing Flanagan's Critical Incident Technique to Elicit Indicators of High and Low Quality Nursing Care from Patients and Their Nurses

Ian J. Norman, Sally J. Redfern, Deborah A. Tomalin and Sarah Oliver
Critical Incident Technique: A clarification

Nancy Kathleen Grant, Marlene Reimer and Nina Hrycak
The Critical Incident Technique

John C. Flanagan
Fifty Years of the Critical Incident Technique: 1954-2004 and Beyond

Lee D. Butterfield, William A. Borgen, Norman E. Amundson and Asa-Sophia T. Maglio
Perspectives and Mixed Methods
A Model for Evaluating the Context of Nursing Care Delivery

Janet Houser
A History of Evaluation in 28½ Pages

Ray Pawson and Nick Tilley
Designing and Evaluating Complex Interventions to Improve Health Care

Neil C. Campbell, Elizabeth Murray, Janet Darbyshire, Jon Emery, Andrew Farmer, Frances Griffiths, Bruce Guthrie, Helen Lester, Phil Wilson and Ann Louise Kinmonth
Strategies for Theorizing from Process Data

Ann Langley
Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling, Data Collection, and Analysis Techniques in Mixed-Method Studies

Margarete Sandelowski
Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research: How is it done?

Alan Bryman
A New Foundation for Methodological Triangulation

Mark W. Risjord, Sandra B. Dunbar and Margaret F. Moloney
Systematic Review and Research Synthesis
Adapting to and Managing Diabetes

Barbara L. Paterson, Sally Thorne and Marilyn Dewis
Infant Sleeping Position and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Systematic review of observational studies and historical review of recommendations from 1940 to 2002

Ruth Gilbert, Georgia Salanti, Melissa Harden and Sarah See
Bed Rest: A potentially harmful treatment needing more careful evaluation systematic reviews in nursing

Chris Allen, Paul Glasziou and Chris Del MarJacqueline Droogan and Nicky Cullum
Systematic Reviews: Gatekeepers of nursing knowledge

David Evans and Alan Pearson
Metasynthesis: The state of the art - so far

Deborah L. Finfgeld
Methodological Strategies for the Identification and Synthesis of 'Evidence' to Support Decision-Making in Relation to Complex Healthcare Systems and Practices

Angus Forbes and Peter Griffiths
Including Qualitative Research in Systematic Reviews: Opportunities and problems

Mary Dixon-Woods, Ray Fitzpatrick and Karen Roberts
Concepts, Analysis and the Development of Nursing Knowledge: The evolutionary cycle

Beth L. Rodgers

Peter Griffiths

Jackie Bridges