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Nursing Praxis

Nursing Praxis
Knowledge and Action

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335 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With the evolution of nursing knowledge and theory, relationships between ideas and actions often become blurred and difficult to articulate. In this ground-breaking volume, the contributors present some of the ways in which nursing scholars are confronting this problem by reflecting upon the nature of nursing knowledge and the application of theory in practice. The book is divided into three sections that address: the nature of knowledge in clinical practice; the application of theoretical knowledge; and the creation of new forms and avenues of inquiry.
S E Thorne
Praxis in the Context of Nursing's Developing Inquiry
J L Johnson and P A Ratner
The Nature of the Knowledge Used in Nursing Practice
J Liaschenko
Knowing the Patient?
F Ndidi and U Griffin
Discovering Knowledge in a Practice Setting
V E Hayes
Searching for Family Nursing Practice Knowledge
M Sandelowski
Knowing and Forgetting
The Challenge of Technology for a Reflexive Practice Science of Nursing

D Trainor
Enlightenment in Nursing
S Halldorsdottir
Implications of the Caring-Competence Dichotomy
M Jones
Thinking Nursing
S Miller
Multiple Paradigms for Nursing
Postmodern Feminisms

D J Henderson
Counsciousness Raising as a Feminist Nursing Action
Promise and Practice, Present and Future

C Varcoe
The Revolution Never Ends
Challenges of Praxis for Nursing Education

L E Maxwell
Foundation Thought in the Development of Knowledge for Social Change
R Starzomski and P Rodney
Nursing Inquiry for the Common Good
E L S Angerami and F A Correia
Health Knowledge and the Praxis of Otherness
The Case in the Developing World

S Rasmussen
Action Research as Authentic Methodology for the Study of Nursing
J McCormick and J Roussy
A Feminist Poststructuralist Orientation to Nursing Praxis

Sally E. Thorne, PhD, RN, FCAHS

Sally Thorne, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS, is a Professor and former Director of the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia, where she currently also holds the position of Associate Dean of Applied Science. She has a longstanding research program in the field of patient experience and relational practice in chronic illness and cancer care in addition to a body of scholarly work in the philosophy of science, the nature of evidence, and applied qualitative methodology. She is author of four books, including a popular qualitative research text on Interpretive Description. She has an extensive record of peer reviewed journal... More About Author

Virginia Hayes