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Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice

Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice

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February 2009 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The book is a real find for nursing students (and academics!) – a clear and comprehensive overview of all the key ideas related to multi-professional practice, with learning activities to help students develop a good understanding of policy and practice issues. The examples that are given will help make sense of how the theory applies to practice. This is a book that will become a key source of reference throughout any undergraduate nursing programme' - Dr Kay Caldwell, Head of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, Middlesex University

What does interprofessional working mean in actual practice? How do nurses work effectively within interprofessional settings?

This book answers these questions and is designed to offer nursing students a comprehensive introduction to and foundation in interprofessional practice. Chapters will help the student nurse understand the reasons behind the changing face and redesign of many services in health and social care, and their own role in the emerging interprofessional partnerships and teams.

Key Features

  • Provides a framework for developing the knowledge and practice skills needed for effective collaborative working
  • Includes examples drawn from acute medicine, primary care, mental health services, learning disability nursing, child and family social care, and community nursing
  • Embedded in real-life practice and brings together examples from traditional and more innovative practice settings
  • Offers tips for successful teamwork and reflects upon likely challenges
  • Supports chapters with a range of interactive study activities linked to the student nurse's practice placement experiences

Nursing and Multi-professional Practice will help students to develop the skills for effective collaboration. It has been designed to map onto the pre-registration curriculum and will be invaluable reading for all nursing students, as well as professionals and trainees working at the interface of health and social care.

Janet Mccray
Preparing for Multi-Professional Practice
Ruth Sander
Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice
Rick Fisher
Multi-Professional Practice in Primary Care Nursing
Colin Goble
Multi-Professional Practice in the Community
Sid Carter
Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice in the Acute Sector
Cally Ward
Multi-Professional Practice and Service Users
Steve Tee
Nursing and Multi-Professional Practice in Mental Health Services
Sandra Wallis and Janet Mccray
Nursing And Multi-Professional Practice in Children's Services
Terry Scragg
Nursing, Multi-Professional Practice and the Third Sector
Janet Mccray
Nursing and Multi-Professional Leadership

Perfect for our interprofessional modules

Mrs Lucy A Kirkham
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
November 30, 2016

I teach on the Foundation Degree in Healthcare Practice, this book is an excellent resource for the Health and Social Care Module and Care Process Module. It has useful guided study on each chapter.

Ms Jackie Cunningham
South Devon College, South Devon College
November 20, 2014

If the course would be for only nurses this would be a good book. BUt this is not the case in my course

Mrs Mia Forss
Management , Arcada Polytechnic
September 27, 2014

A very useful text which highlights the importance of the multi-disciplinary team approach to care which is essential in today's nursing climate.

Mrs Tina South
My department is not listed, University of West London
January 23, 2014

Easy to use relevant to practice and promotes reflective learning

Miss Carmel Parker
Laboratory medine, central manchester university hospitals
November 28, 2012

This text offers students and qualified nurses alike an overview of the concepts related to multi-professional practice. Given the on-going impetus of this subject area, this book is a timely addition.

Ms Marion Hinds
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
June 4, 2012

This is a fantastic book, which could be used as a reference book.

Miss Zoe Taylor
Health , North Lindsey College
May 2, 2012

A good overview of issues concerning multi-professional pratice.

Ms Marita Salmu
Nursing, Vaasa university of applied sciences
February 28, 2012

This will be a helpful reminder of the diverse nature of todays health care setting. It reinforces the range and roles of all those involved in the healthcare MDT and encourages a specific consideration of that and how it can be used to help patients. As it covers acute and primary care as well as children and mental health this will have something to offer to all my students. The guided study boxes will help reinforce the ideas and information presented.

Mrs Christine Jackson
department of community health and social care, Hull University
December 6, 2011

This book is set out in manageable sections. The content has a high focus on the impact of multi-professional working from a nursing point of view. There is reference to both adult and children's services and the different aspects of nursing. It is realistic and does relate to current practice and policy.

Mrs Sharon Towse
Centre for Educational Studies, University of Hull
September 22, 2011

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Janet McCray

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