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Nursing and Mental Health Care

Nursing and Mental Health Care
An introduction for all fields of practice

August 2011 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Improving mental health for all is increasingly important in nursing as more people suffer from mental health issues, ranging from stress through to diagnosed illnesses. It is crucial that all nurses, not just mental health nurses, are aware of mental health problems and the impact these have on patients, families and carers. This book gives a clear overview of mental health in nursing, relevant for all fields of practice. It explains the core features of the mental health nursing field, and explores aspects of mental health that every nurse should understand in order to provide holistic care to their patients.
Understanding Mental Health and Ill Health
Clarifying Your Own Personal Values and Beliefs
The Policy Context for Mental-Health Care
Mental and Physical Health Care Needs
Legal and Ethical Issues in Mental-Health Nursing
Communicating and Relating
Assessing Mental-Health Needs
Helping the Person with Mental-Health Needs
Improving Your Own Mental-Health

This is a very informative and well written book. It covers a very broad range of issues related to nursing where the chapters are relevant and concise with the use of short sub headings. Its also advantageous by having chapters relating to the NMC standards for pre-reg nursing for teaching, but having relevant case studies/scenarios and questions throughout is a great resource for students.

Although this is a book I will recommend in my classes, it is something I think would be more suited to senior students.

Mr Matthew Sean Reid
Mental Health, University of the West of Scotland
April 25, 2016

A good essential read for students on pre registration programmes

Miss Nyree Kendall
Dept of Health & Social Studies, Bolton University
March 12, 2014

A comprehensive text to encourage the practitioner to take care of their own mental health within their role. Professionalism and professionl practice outlined and support structures, well writtten and easily understandable.

Ms Jennifer Rooks
Nursing (Harold Wood), London South Bank University
November 13, 2012

I liked this book because of the links to the NMC and the new standard of nurse education. Easy to read and direct links made to the new standards.

Mrs Eve Potts
School of Health and Postgrad Medicine, University of Central Lancashire
October 19, 2012

A text that has the potential to assist students to develop a greater understanding of a specialist area across a range of branches.

Mr Bruce Wallace
Nursing, Bedfordshire University
September 28, 2012

I found the book to be fine for the 1st year groups starting out but with NMC changes to the course content to be not as applicable as it was for previous intakes. Still a good starting book and for supplementary reading.

Mr Neil Murphy
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Salford University
September 13, 2012

good all round text with helpful insights for course candidates

Dr James Trueman
Mental Health (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
September 3, 2012

This book provides a good introduction to mental health nursing.

Miss Andrea Lacey
Department of Nursing, Bournemouth University
August 29, 2012

This book is not sufficiently informative for MH students so would not be recommended for students in this field. It does contain some useful pointers for nurses in other fields working with persons experiencing mental ill health although I would like to see a discrete section on ‘Engagement’ and greater discussion of dementia care.

Mr Keith Bradley-Adams
Nursing (St David's Campus), Swansea University
June 6, 2012

A good introduction for mental health and learning disabilities students

Mr John Aldridge
Department of Learning Disability, Northampton University
June 1, 2012

Steve Trenoweth

Dr Steven Trenoweth is a mental health nurse and an senior lecturer at Bournemouth University. He is responsible for teaching a range of health related topics at both undergraduate and post graduate levels specifically within the field of mental health and psychology. His interests include positive health and psychosocial interventions. More About Author

Terry Docherty

Terry Docherty has been a senior lecturer in mental health for nearly twenty years, and is currently working at the University of West London with a clinical link with the Central North West London Trust. His main areas of work include the delivery of the pre-registration programmes leading to the Advanced Diploma or BSc in Higher Education in Mental Health Nursing. His interests are in teaching in the areas of personality disorder, psychosis and legal and ethical issues in mental health nursing. More About Author

Joseph Franks

Joseph Franks is a mental health nurse and a lecturer of mental health at the University of West London. He is responsible for teaching a range of mental health topics and delivering this to students of mental health nursing, including the delivery of post registration qualifications in Psycho-Social Interventions for Psychosis. His interests include Family Interventions for Psychosis, Relapse Prevention Work and Early Interventions for Psychosis. He has a background of working within the clinical area of Intensive Rehabilitation often with service users who have serious mental illnesses; this provided him with the opportunity to develop... More About Author

Reuben Pearce

Reuben Pearce is an experienced mental health nurse and independent prescriber who has worked for Berkshire Healthcare Trust NHS Foundation Trust for the past fifteen years. Since qualifying as an RMN in 2002 he has experienced working in Assertive Outreach, inpatient services, A&E Liaison, Dual Diagnosis and Crisis/Home Treatment. Reuben has recently taken up a full time post as lecturer at the University in West London, specialising in the pre registration mental health nursing programme and other post registration courses such as Non-Medical Prescribing and Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis. Reuben is also a member of the Oxford... More About Author