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Nurses in the Workplace

Nurses in the Workplace

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The dynamics of the workplace for nurses are examined in this volume from the perspective of four health care industries.

Focusing on acute care hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies and hospices, the contributors explore crucial issues for nursing and for health care systems. They present an extensive literature review on the causes and impacts of the US nursing shortage, introduce projections for the need for nurses and scrutinize recent policies. Results from a survey of hospitals, nursing homes, community-based employment and temporary staff agencies are discussed and integrated with interpretations of market forces.

James Bracher
Marie E Cowart and William J Serow
Susan A Carlson, Marie E Cowart and Dianne L Speake
Perspectives on Nursing Personnel in the 1980s
Marie E Cowart et al
Political Climate and Approach to Policy Analysis
Dianne L Speake
State Policies and Legislation
William J Serow
Supply and Demand Trends
Dianne L Speake
The Education of Nurses
William J Serow, Marie E Cowart and Yen Chen
Hospital Perspectives on Nurse Employment
Marie E Cowart
Nurses Work in Nursing Homes
Marie E Cowart and Dianne L Speake
Community Employment Settings for Nurses
Marie E Cowart and Dianne L Speake
Supplemental Nursing Staff
Winifred H Schmeling
Retention and Recruitment of Nursing Personnel
William J Serow and Marie E Cowart
The Competitive Employment Market for Nurses
Charlotte Dison
An Action Plan for Nurse Executives
Peter J Levin and Barbara J Clark
Changes in Institutional-Care Delivery
The New Role of the Nursing Professional in the Redesigned Workplace

Marie E Cowart and William J Serow
The Policy Agenda

Marie E. Cowart

William J. Serow

William J. "Bill" Serow, 57, a Florida State University economics professor and former director of ... More About Author

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