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North East India

North East India
Local Economic Development and Global Markets

First Edition
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September 2010 | 240 pages | SAGE India

This collection analyzes the potentials of the North East Indian economy, discussing ways in which it can be reconnected to the mainstream economic activities of India. Gauging through the historical factors responsible for the economic failure of the North East Region (NER)—the partition in 1947, weak infrastructure, lack of technological know-how, and poor access to marketing networks—it assesses the region's production scenario at present.

The articles discuss comparative advantages of the NER economy in the competitive environment of the Indian mainland with reference to its export potential, cost of production, and demand-supply relations. They also present a comprehensive data set explaining the value chain analysis on the North Eastern map and a visual model measuring the development capacity of North Eastern firms.

Introduction - Economic Challenge Meets Trade-Driven Development In India's North East Region

Hans-Peter Brunner
The North East India Economy - Resource Base and Constrained Productive Activities

Hans-Peter Brunner and Global Development Solutions
North East India Trade and Investment, and Comparative Advantage

Hans-Peter Brunner and Global Development Solutions
Connectivity and Logistics for the North East, and Beyond

John Arnold
Economic Governance in the North East

M Govinda Rao and Hans-Peter Brunner
Business and Finance in the North East

Hans-Peter Brunner
Towards Inclusive Accelerated Growth: Scenarios for Demand Driven NER Investment Strategy

Amitabh Kundu and Hans-Peter Brunner

Hans-Peter Brunner and Global Development Solutions
1. Firm and Trade Data by State

2. Integrated Value Chain Analysis and Business Scenario-Bamboo, Pineapple and Rubber




Hans-Peter Brunner

Hans-Peter Brunner is a doctorate from University of Maryland, College Park, specialising in industrial organisation, technological change, trade, economic growth and political economy. He has taught economics at universities in Germany (1991–95).He has also served as a consultant to international organizations (EU, World Bank) and governments (Science Center Berlin and US A.I.D.). He has been working with Asian Development Bank (ADB) since December 1995. His key areas of focus have been economic development, international and sub-regional trade, investment and finance, corporate and financial governance, project-finance and public private... More About Author

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