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Normal Midwifery Practice

Normal Midwifery Practice

October 2012 | 200 pages | Learning Matters
For new students the language and concepts of midwifery care can at first be daunting. This book helps students to understand the expectations of midwifery training in relation to normal midwifery practice. It covers the basics of midwifery care including professional practice, frameworks informing midwifery care, key concepts and philosophies of care, communication and care skills, antenatal care, normal labor and birth, postnatal care, neonatal care and breastfeeding, as well as a brief introduction to medicines management in normal midwifery care. The book is designed to work alongside first taught modules in midwifery, and underpin training in subsequent years.

Key Features
  • Reflects the latest practice approaches, issues and evidence
  • Links theory to practice through case studies and problem based learning
  • Activities help develop key skills such as decision making and critical thinking
  • Links knowledge to the NMC Standards and ESCs required for registration
Normal Midwifery Practice
Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Normal Midwifery Practice
The Initial Antenatal Appointment and Care
Ongoing Antenatal Care
Midwifery Care in Normal Labour
The Role of the Midwife in Post-Natal Care
Neonatal Care
Medicines Management in Normal Midwifery Practice

'I would recommend this text to new student midwives - the book is a good resource to support student learning from practice - especially the reflective activities asking the reader to consider experiences from placement. It is supplemented by suggested answers to tasks presented and so helpful for the year 1 student midwife' -
Celia Yeardley, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Midwifery, Sheffield Hallam University

A really good text for first-year student midwives, but perhaps too simplistic for those later in their training. The layout is very clear and I really like the activity panels which direct them to further learning. May need to be updated once the new standards are published

Miss Emma Jayne Clark
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University
September 26, 2019

provided a good insight to normal midwifery practice

Mrs Karen Clare Baker
School of Midwifery and Reproductive Health, Bradford University
January 30, 2016

Good overall practice for normality for yr 1 students

Mrs Rosie J Dawson
School of Health and Social Care, University of Teesside
September 4, 2015

An informative text and highly accessible to new midwifery students. Presented in a clear and easy to understand style, it supports practice well using a range of reflective activities to support the learners continuing development. The suggested answer section will be especially useful for new students.

Ms Sarah Jane Bowman
Community Studies, Truro & Penwith College
March 14, 2016

This book is an extremely useful book for students, in particular, first year students. It is well written, the format is easy to read and understand, and has an excellent focus on normality. The book is informative, applies theory to practice and provides a current reflection of midwifery practice. I like the activities as they stimulate and get you to think. Good use of diagrams and pictures, very useful for NMC Competencies and Essential Skills Clusters. Would recommend this book.

Mrs Suzanne Banford
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
July 7, 2015

This book is a good resource to a new student midwives learning from practice- mostly the case studies.

Mrs Yetunde Akinnuoye
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
May 17, 2015

this text will be valuable reading around the professional practice and normal midwifery modules to help gain insight into various aspects

Mrs Nan Morse
School of Care Sciences, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
April 17, 2015

Good overall book on the various principles encountered in midwifery . Excellent for HCA or those with and interest in the subject . Very readable and easily navigated.

Mrs Margaret Bull
School Of Care Studies, West Herts College
February 12, 2015

Excellent book for first year students - provides them with everything they need to know.

Miss Caroline Farrar
Nursing and midwifery, Demontfort university
November 24, 2014

Sam Chenery-Morris

Sam Chenery Morris (RGN, RM, RSCN) is an Associate Professor in Midwifery at the University of Suffolk. She has worked in all areas of midwifery practice, from the community to the delivery suite, from 1995-2003 before moving into teaching in 2006. Sam has a PhD in midwifery education specifically around learning, assessment and grading in clinical practice and an MA in Interprofessional Healthcare Education. Her teaching expertise encompasses normal midwifery practice, neonatal care and screening, professional issues and research methods with her module responsibilities reflecting these areas. She is a link lecturer to local hospitals and... More About Author

Moira McLean

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