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America's No-Shows

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Political Communications

September 1999 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book addresses the issue of why 51.2% of the population of the USA failed to vote in the November 1996 presidential election. Through polls and studies conducted in the spring and summer of 1996, the contributors set out to answer the following questions: what were the 51.2 percent doing that day? Who are they? Why didn't they vote?

The results are summarized into five types of nonvoters: doers, unplugged, irritable, don't knows and alienated.

Why Hear From Nonvoters?

The Conventional Wisdom about Nonvoters
Profiling America's Nonvoters
Their Voices

Don't Knows
Can't Shows
American Democracy into the 21st Century


"Meet your nonvoting neighbors. Some of them are thoughtful, caring, and involved in community life. More are poor and young, stressed and strapped. Many have expectations of politics so absurdly high that they write off any politician who is not a saint or understanding of parties and political institutions so drastically low that they cannot follow even the basics of a political campaign. Doppelt and Shearer offer an honest, humane, and disturbing account of how the other half thinks and feel sabout the right to vote, and then lays it aside."

Michael Schudson
Author of The Good Citizen: A History of American Civil Life

Jack C. Doppelt

Ellen Shearer

Ellen Shearer is the William F. Thomas Professor in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She also is co-director of the school’s National Security Journalism initiative.... More About Author

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