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Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing

Three Volume Set
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May 2008 | 1 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
As early as the sixties, academics began to question the borders and boundaries of marketing. A new wave of thinking born from social influences entreated them to liberate the marketing concept from the confines of the commercial profit motive. Despite several shifts in focus for nonprofit marketing, topics that have continued to receive particular attention include the attraction of resources (including fundraising and volunteer recruitment), issues surrounding image and reputation, the use of marketing to promote behavioural change and the evolving relationship between principles and practices of marketing and the arts.

This major work addresses both the historical and conceptual development of the field as well as the new concepts and challenges it faces in the new millennium. This collection of articles and book chapters will equip academics and practitioners to participtate in and steer the key and contemporary debates. Volume I: The Evolution of Nonprofit Marketing provides a historical overview of both the conceptual and practical development of the field. Volume II: Nonprofit Marketing Applications sets out a thorough synopsis of the practical and managerial development of the field to examine the scope and nature of applications while Volume III: Key Debates and Contemporary Issues in Nonprofit Marketing offers a critical perspective on current challenges and debates.

Volume One: The Evolution of Nonprofit Marketing

Part 1: The Broadening of the Marketing Domain
Broadening the Concept of Marketing

Broadening the Concept of Marketing - Too Far

Kotler, P. and Levy, S.J.
Marketing in Nonprofit Organizations

Luck, D.J.
The Marketing of Non-profit Making Organizations: A Preliminary Report

Shapiro, B.P.
The Social Disorder of the Broadened Concept of Marketing

Ford, D
Toward a Broader Concept of Marketing's Role in Social Order

Laczinak, G.R. and Michie, D.A.
The Nonprofit Mission and its Financing: Growing Links Between Nonprofits and the Rest of the Economy

Kotler, P and Levy, S.J.
Weisbrod, B.A.
Part 2: Rethinking Core Concepts
A Generic Concept of Marketing

Marketing as Exchange

Kotler, P.
Exchange: A Conceptualization

Bagozzi, R.P.
Intersector Transfer of Marketing Knowledge

Shaw, E.H. and Dixon, D.F.
Nonprofit Marketing: The Key to Marketing's 'Mid-Life Crisis?

Andreasen, A.R.
The Relationship Between Resource Dependence and Market Orientation: The Specific Case of Non-profit Organizations

Clarke, P. and Mount, P.
Macedo, I.M. and Pinho, J.C.
Part 3: Developments in Practice
Marketing Mix Decision Rules for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing Planning in the Public and Non-profit Sectors

Weinberg, C.
Do Not-For-Profits Value Their Customers and Their Needs?

Cousins, L.
Operationalising the Marketing Concept in the Nonprofit Sector

Bruce, I.
Relationship Marketing in the Not-For-Profit Sector: An Extension and Application of the Commitment-Trust Theory

Sargeant, A., Foreman, S. and Liao, M-N.
Market Orientations in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector: A Meta-analysis of their Relationships with Organizational Performance

MacMillan, K., Money, K. and Downing, S.
Shoham, A., Ruvio, A., Vigoda-Gadot, E. and Schwabsky, N.
Volume Two: Nonprofit Marketing: Sectoral Applications
Part 4: Social Marketing
Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change

Social Marketing: What Makes it Different?

Kotler, P. and Zaltman, G.
Identification and Classification of Problems Associated With Evaluating Social Marketing Efforts

Webster, F.E.
Social Marketing: Its Definition and Domain

Hensel, P.J. and Dubinsky, A.J.
What is and What is Not Social Marketing: The Challenge of Reviewing the Evidence

Andreasen, A.R.
McDermott, L., Stead, M. and Hastings, G.
Part 5: Public Sector Marketing
Public Services - To Charge or Not to Charge

Serving Public Needs Through Nonprofit Organizations: Alternatives to Government Intervention

Compton, J.L.
Public Policy Marketing: Marketing Exchange in the Public Sector

Hochban, J.
Marketing in the Public Sector: Towards a Typology of Public Services

Buurma, H.
Restoring Public Legitimacy to the Nonprofit Sector: A Survey Experiment Using Descriptions of Nonprofit Ownership

Laing, A.
Schlesinger, M., Mitchell, S. and Gray, B.H.
Part 6: Arts Marketing
Marketing the Fine and Performing Arts What Has Marketing Done for the Arts Lately?

Crisis in the Arts: The Marketing Response

Thomas, E.G. and Cutler, B.D.
Applying the Marketing Concept to Cultural Organisations: An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Market Orientation and Performance

Scheff, J. and Kotler, P.
Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Marketing the Arts

Gainer, B. and Padanyi, P.
Colbert, F.
Part 7: Political Marketing
The Marketing of Political Candidates

Marketing the Political Product

Shama, A.
Political Marketing: Structure and Process

Reid, D.M.
Political Marketing - Vive La Difference!

Butler, P. and Collins, N.
Theory and Concept Development in Political Marketing

Lock, A. and Harris, P.
Henneberg, S.C. and O'Shaughnessy, N.
Part 8: Charity Marketing
Charitable Giving by Individuals: A Study of Attitudes and Practice

Marketing Orientation Among Small to Medium Sized UK Charitable Organizations: Implications for Fund-raising Performance

Radley, A. and Kennedy, M.
Brand Orientation in the Charity Sector: A Framework for Discussion and Research

Bennett, R.
Charity Retail: Past, Present and Future

Hankinson, P.
Parsons, E.
Volume III: Key Debates and Contemporary Issues in Nonprofit Marketing
Part 9: International Dimensions
A Macromarketing Perspective on Social Marketing: The Case of Family Planning in India

Social Marketing: An Approach to Third-World Development

Dholakia, R.R.
Global Civil Society: Dimensions of the Nonprofit Sector

Duhaime, C.P., McTavish, R., and Ross, C.A.
Marketing and Non-profit Organizations in the Czech Republic

Salamon, L.M. and Wojciech, S.S.
Bulla, M. and Starr-Glass, D.
Part 10: Developing Corporate - Nonprofit Relations
Cause Related Marketing: A Coalignment of Marketing Strategy and Corporate Philanthropy

The Historical Development of Business Philanthropy: Social Responsibility in the New Corporate Economy

Varadarajan, P.R. and Menon, A.
Nonprofit and For-profit Partnerships: Rationale and Challenges of Cross-Sector Contracting

Marinetto, M.
Can the Overcommericalization of Cause-Related Marketing Harm Society

O'Regan, K.M. and Oster, S.M.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Related Marketing: An Overview

Polonsky, M.J. and Wood, G.
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Donations to Corporate-Supported Nonprofits

Bronn, P. and Vrioni, A.
Lichtenstein, D.R. Drumwright, M.E. and Braig, B.M.
Part 11: Nonprofit Marketing in the Network Economy
Information and Communications Technologies: Reshaping Voluntary Organizations?

Strategic Internet and E-commerce Applications for Local Nonprofit Organizations

Burt, E., and Taylor, J. A.
Reaching Beyond the Family: New Nongovernmental Organization Alliances for Global Poverty Alleviation and Emergency Response

Gomes, R. and Knowles, P.A.
The Changing Role of Nonprofits in the Network Economy

Lindenberg, M.
The Impact of NGO Network Conflict on the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies of Multinational Corporations

Te'eni, D. and Young, D.R.
Schepers, D.H.
Part 12: Effecting Behavioural Change: Ethics and Debates
Social Marketing: Its Ethical Dimensions

The Nonprofit Sector: Radical Potential?

Laczinak, G.R. Lusch, R.F. and Murphy, P.E.
Cause-Related Marketing: Ethics and the Ecstatic

Gunn, C.
Alliances and Ethics in Social Marketing

Smith, W. and Higgins, M.
Ethical Challenges of Social Marketing

Andreasen, A.R and Drumwright, M.E.
The Critical Contribution of Social Marketing: Theory and Application

Brenkert, G.

Elizabeth Parsons

Pauline Maclaran

Pauline Maclaran is Professor of Marketing & Consumer Research in the School of Management at Royal Holloway. She joined in September 2008, having moved from Keele University where she was Professor of Marketing. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Academy ofMarketing and the Association for Consumer Research, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Prior to becoming an academic she worked in industry for many years, initially in marketing positions and then as a founder partner in her own business, a design and marketing consultancy. During this time she worked with a broad spectrum of public and private... More About Author

Mark Tadajewski

I have previously taught at the Universities of Leicester, Essex and Strathclyde and my research interests are fairly eclectic. I continue to engage in research related to the history of marketing, with a specific focus on the influence of the Cold War on marketing and advertising theory. An on-going stream of research deals with racism and eugenics in marketing theory, thought and practice. Suffice to say, these are just a sample of what is presently occupying my attention.   More About Author