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South Asian Survey—Now a ‘SAGE owned’ Journal!

August 1, 2016

1 August 2016: SAGE is pleased to announce that the prestigious journal South Asian Survey, published in association with Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation (ICSAC) is now a ‘SAGE owned’ journal. The journal serves as a forum to share fresh thinking and to debate issues of national and regional concerns; primarily from the perspectives of politics, economics, and international relations.

The contract was recently signed between Mr I P Khosla, Editor-in-Chief, South Asian Survey and Mr Vivek Mehra, MD and CEO, SAGE Publications. This collaboration furthers SAGE’s commitment towards quality research and ensures a secure and rewarding future for the journal.

Journal Cover

Reminiscing about the genesis of the journal, Mr I P Khosla said “South Asian Survey is a journal that was founded by the Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation in the 1990s, soon after the launch of South Asian regional cooperation through SAARC. The intention was to create an academic forum to inform a wide range of opinion about the issues, preconditions, benefits relevant for such cooperation, and to make it happen.

Mr Khosla further added, “I feel confident that the journal is in trusted hands and will move towards greater heights. It will also be an important driving force, to shape positive thinking about regional cooperation among academics, political leaders, officialdom, media and corporates alike”.

Expressing joy at this partnership, Mr Vivek Mehra said, “It has been a privilege working with the editorial board of the Journal and Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation. We are delighted to enter this new phase of association. Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation has and will continue to be the editorial and strategic drivers of this scholarly journal.

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