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Nine Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools

Nine Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools
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First Edition

Foreword by Andy Hargreaves

May 2018 | 248 pages | Corwin

Improve collective efficacy in schools through meaningful professional conversations   

As technology substitutes for face-to-face connections, educators can feel like they’re practicing their craft in isolation. Nine Professional Conversations to Change Our Schools is a framework for revitalizing the art of the professional conversation. It guides educators through structures for collaboration, offers access to vast storehouses of applied wisdom, and facilitates a coherent knowledge base for standards of excellence. Readers will find 

  • nine conversational strategies designed to promote collective teacher efficacy 
  • learning scenarios that demonstrate the effectiveness of these conversations in action 
  • accessible Conversational Dashboard that assists in analyzing conditions for success 

Face-to-face conversational skill is a fundamental foundation for establishing effective relationships and collaboration. Drawing from their rich careers with coaching and facilitation, the authors of this book offer strategies that will expand your conversational repertoire and provide insight into how to respond meaningfully in an ever-changing environment. 

About the Authors
Part I: The Foundation—Conversational Competence
Chapter 1: A Crisis in Our Midst—No Coherent Knowledge Base
Chapter 2: The Disadvantage of Being Left Behind— A Knowing–Doing–Learning Gap
Chapter 3: Emotional Blocks to Collective Efficacy— How Stress Shuts Down Communication
Part II: Conversations Designed to Build Knowledge Coherence From the Inside Out
Chapter 4: Reflective Conversations—The Fundamental Professional Act
Chapter 5: Humble Inquiry—Exploring Needs Instead of Helping
Chapter 6: Cognitive Coaching—Lingering in Conversations to Learn
Chapter 7: SCARF—Open to Diverse Viewpoints
Part III: Calibrating Conversations—Conversations at the Tipping Point From Outside In
Chapter 8: Stakeholder Centered Coaching— Expanding Consciousness
Part IV: Conversations Designed to Build Knowledge From the Outside In
Chapter 9: Positive Deviance—Mining for Group Gold
Chapter 10: From Conflict to Consensus— The Chadwick Process
Chapter 11: FRISK—Making Expectations Clear
Chapter 12: MOVE—Time to Move On
Part V: Final Musings—Making Unrealized Dreams Come True
Chapter 13: Leaving Knowledge Legacies

William Arthur Sommers

William A. Sommers, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas, continues to be a learner, teacher, principal, author, leadership coach, and consultant. Bill has come out of retirement five times to put theory into practice. He was on the Board of Trustees for five years and President for the National Staff Development Council now called Learning Forward. ... More About Author

Diane P. Zimmerman

DIANE P. ZIMMERMAN, Ph.D. is a writer and consultant focusing on entrepreneurial learning and schools that make a difference. She obtained her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development from the Fielding Graduate Institute. She recently retired as a superintendent of schools after a 36-year career in education that was rich in leadership, facilitation and conflict management. Trained originally as a speech therapist, Diane worked early in her career as a teacher, speech therapist, program manager, and Assistant Director of Special Education in Fairfield, California. She subsequently became a principal in Davis, California and served... More About Author

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