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News and News Sources

News and News Sources
A Critical Introduction

First Edition

December 2000 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
News and News Sources offers a fresh introduction to the sociology of news. It is often suggested that the powerful dominate news agendas. Increasingly however, less powerful groups are employing sophisticated media strategies and new communication technologies to get their message across. The implications of this development are unclear. Do these developments herald a `democratisation' of news arenas, or will they enable the powerful further strengthen their control over the flow of information to the public domain? News and News Sources: reviews new research in the rapidly expanding field of political communication, drawing upon material from Britain, Europe and the USA; provides a clear introduction to the processes of news production and the implications of the rise in global electronic news communication; and assesses the various theoretical frameworks available for analysing these developments including fuctionalism, pluralism, Marxism, political economy, hegemony theory, discourse theory and postmodernism.
Why Worry about the Sources of News
Theorizing News Media and News Sources
Journalists and News Production
Proprietors, Corporations and Politicians
Political Elites, the State and Categories of Knowledge
Considering the Powerful and Politically Marginal
News Media Politics and the Politically Marginal
News Audiences and News Sources

`An exceptionally well-written text which gives readers a lucid, authoritative, well-researched and theoretically sophisticated guide to the relationship between news media and their "sources" - the people and organisations that seek to appear in and shape the news' - Professor Peter Golding, Loughborough University

`Manning does an excellent job of combining what we know from the existing literature with his own research, and presenting a useful framework for doing analyses of news sources' - Peter D Dahlgren, The University of Lund

Paul Manning

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