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New Directions in Social Work Practice

New Directions in Social Work Practice

Second Edition

November 2015 | 224 pages | Learning Matters

‘Hatton’s book is a welcome antidote to stagnation and moribund thinking in contemporary professional practice and readers will gain much from engaging with the concepts he sets out and the challenges he raises.’

Jonathan Parker, Series Editor

Since the first edition of Kieron Hatton’s important book outlining many of the New Directions facing social work a significant number of changes and challenges have continued to have a huge impact on contemporary social work practice in the UK. From the second Laming report and the subsequent work of the Social Work Task Force, Social Work Reform Board and The College of Social Work, to the Reclaiming Social Work agenda and Munro Review, the context within which social work is practice has continued to change and this new edition unpicks the challenges, opportunities and threats facing the social workers of today.

This book re-establishes an important contribution to learning from which students, their service users and ultimately society should benefit.

A Framework for Understanding Contemporary Social Work
Social work, Community Work and Social Change
Squaring the Circle- From the Individual to the Collective?
The Voluntary and Independent Sectors: Communitarianism, the ‘Big Society’ and the potential for social action
Involving, integrating or ignoring? Service users, carers and social work
Developing new forms of practice: Professionalism, partnerships and social pedagogy
International social work: European and international reflections on the challenges to social work in selected European countries
Conclusion: New parameters for social work

Useful background text setting changes in social work in broader context

Ms Karen Hillison
Department of Social Work, Hull University
February 17, 2016

A useful text which places social work in a fluid system and suggests challenges and opportunities that face the profession today.

Ms Karen Hillison
Department of Social Work, Hull University
August 6, 2015

This text offers a fresh approach to social work practice at a time of significant change and challenges

Mr Mick Wilkinson
Social Work, Health, Soc Care & Couns, Nottingham Trent University
June 4, 2013

Kieron Hatton

Kieron Hatton, PhD is a social work academic with interests in social/community work, youth inclusion and social pedagogy who has presented papers at national and international conferences and published widely around these topics. Publications include three books—New Directions in Social Work Practice (2008), Social Pedagogy in the UK: Theory and Practice (2013) and New Directions in Social Work Practice (2nd ed., 2015). More About Author

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