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New Approaches to Rhetoric

New Approaches to Rhetoric

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Demonstrating and showcasing theory into action, this book provides fresh perspectives on the study of rhetoric and rhetoric's ability to affect change in today's society. This collection of all original pieces challenge and expand the definitions, approaches, and assumptions governing rhetorical scholarship, inviting students to join rhetorical theorists and critics in an ongoing dialogue concerning what it means to study communication in a postmodern world.
Patricia A. Sullivan and Steven R. Goldzwig
James Darsey
Ch 1. James Baldwin's Topoi
Katheryn M. Olson and G. Thomas Goodnight
Ch 2. Ingenium--Speaking in Community: The Case of the Prince William County Zoning Hearings on Disney's America
George Cheney
Ch 3. Arguing about the Place of Values and Ethics in Market-Oriented Discourses of Today
Ronald L. Jackson II
Ch 4. Cultural Contracts Theory: Toward a Critical-Rhetorical Identity Negotiation Paradigm
Marouf Hasian and Emily Plec
Ch 5. Remembrances of Things Past: A Postcolonial Critique of the Human Genome Diversity Project
John M. Murphy and Thomas R. Burkholder
Ch 6. The Life of the Party: The Keynote Address in Contemporary American Politics
Victoria J. Gallagher
Ch 7. Memory as Social Action: Cultural Projection and Generic Form in Civil Rights Memorials
George N. Dionisopoulos
Ch 8. John Wayne, "The Green Berets", and the Containment Doctrine
Dana Cloud
Ch 9. Fighting Words: Labor and the Limits of Symbolic Intervention at Staley, 1993-1996
Kate Canas and Mark McPhail
Ch 10. Demonizing Democracy: The Strange Career of Lani Guinier
Carrie Crenshaw and Dexter Gordon
Ch 11. Racial Apologies
Patricia A. Sullivan and Steven R. Goldzwig
Ch 12. Autobiography, Rhetoric, and Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes" and "Tis: A Memoir"
Barry Brummett
Ch 13. Response: Communities, Identities, and Politics: What Rhetoric is Becoming in the Twenty-First Century
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Department thought it wouldn't be needed for this course. I will be using it in the Rhet. Methods course upcoming.

Dr Malynnda Johnson
Speech Communication Dept, Minnesota State Univ-Mankato
December 27, 2014

Patricia A. Sullivan

Patricia A. Sullivan (Ph.D., University of Iowa; B.A., Marquette University) specializes in rhetoric, teaching courses in political communication, communication and gender, theories of persuasion, argumentation, and communication and dissenting voices. She is the co-editor of Political Rhetoric, Power, and Renaissance Women and the co-author of From the Margins to the Center: Contemporary Women and Political Communication. Her articles on political communication have appeared in such journals as Quarterly Journal of Speech, Western Journal of Communication, Communication Quarterly, and Women an Politics. In 1997 she received the... More About Author

Steven R. Goldzwig

Steven R. Goldzwig (Ph.D. and M.A., Purdue University; B.A., University of Central Florida) is the co-author of ‘In a Perilous Hour’: The Public Address of John F. Kennedy. He has published numerous articles on rhetoric and politics in such journals as Quarterly Journal of Speech, Communication Monographs, Western Communication Journal, Communication Studies, and Southern Communication Journal. Goldzwig is currently working on a book focusing on Harry S Truman’s 1948 Whistle-Stop campaign. (Ph.D. and M.A., Purdue University; B.A., University of Central Florida) is the co-author of. He has published numerous articles on rhetoric and... More About Author

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