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The Essential Guide to Qualitative Social Media Research

Third Edition
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October 2019 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Netnography is an adaptation of ethnography for the online world, pioneered by Robert Kozinets, and is concerned with the study of online cultures and communities as distinct social phenomena, rather than isolated content. In this landmark third edition, Netnography: The Essential Guide provides the theoretical and methodological groundwork as well as the practical applications, helping students both understand and do netnographic research projects of their own.

Packed with enhanced learning features throughout, linking concepts to structured activities in a step by step way, the book is also now accompanied by a striking new visual design and further case studies, offering the essential student resource to conducting online ethnographic research. Real world examples provided demonstrate netnography in practice across the social sciences, in media and cultural studies, anthropology, education, nursing, travel and tourism, and others.

Chapter 1: Introducing: Netnography, Qualitative Social Media Research Methods, and This Book
Chapter 2: A History of Social Media
Chapter 3: Media: Communicating and Connecting in the 21st Century
Chapter 4: Socialities: All the Ways We Connect
Chapter 5: Praxis: Introducing Practices and Data Operations
Chapter 6: Ethics: Procedures and Flowcharts, Updates and Rules
Chapter 7: Data: The Methodology of Netnographic Data Collection
Chapter 8: Investigating: Five Steps to Social Media Data Collection
Chapter 9: Interacting: Turning Connection and Communication into Research Data
Chapter 10: Immersing: Journaling and Organizing a Reflective Curation
Chapter 11: Integrating: Combining Telescopic and Microscopic Understandings
Chapter 12: Analyzing: Elemental Data Transformation Operations
Chapter 13: Interpreting: How to Discover and Make Meaning from Netnographic Data
Chapter 14: Communicating: Presenting and Publishing Your Netnography
Chapter 15: The Future of Netnography


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Dr Julie donald
Work Based Distance Learning, Lincoln University
October 31, 2019

Netnography has opened up ways in which students can study online communities.

Dr Josephine Gabi
Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
May 15, 2020

This is a well written book, easy to comprehend and Netnography is used as an example of how companies may use this type of research to be more effective in their e-marketing strategy

Dr Yioula Melanthiou
Business, University of Nicosia
February 7, 2020

A good update to the previous version. Visually more compelling the use of colour helps navigation through the text.
The inclusion of chapter introductions and summaries in block sections makes it easier to skim and scan chapter content. Revised chapter headings help the reader go to relevant sections and provide a better overview of chapter contents. A great improvement on an already very good book.

Dr Tracy Piper-Wright
Department of Art & Design, Chester University
November 28, 2019

Robert Kozinets

Robert Kozinets is the Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Chair of Strategic Public Relations and Business Communication at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Marshall School of Business. An academic whose methods and theories are widely used by researchers, in classrooms, and in industry, he has taught digital methods to some of the world’s best students and consulted with a range of highly respected global organizations. More About Author