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Nepal - Nation-State in the Wilderness

Nepal - Nation-State in the Wilderness
Managing State, Democracy and Geopolitics

First Edition
  • Lok Raj Baral - Executive Chairman, Nepal Centre for Contemporary Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal

February 2012 | 328 pages | SAGE India
Nepal—Nation-state in the Wilderness takes a critical look at three important aspects of modern Nepal: viability of the Nepali State, prospects and challenges of its liberal democracy, and strategies for managing the emerging geopolitical trends.

The author analyzes the transformation of Maoists into a systemic party within the liberal-democratic set-up and the mutual distrust that developed afterwards. The book further explores the state of Nepal's physical location between China and India and Nepal's own incapacity to manage the geopolitical pulls and pressures arising out of its unique position.

The question, "Is democracy viable in Nepal?" provides a thematic outline to the book. Lok Raj Baral argues that though democratic values have triumphed in the recent past, democracy itself remains blurred in the absence of institutionalization. The book is an insight into the tenets of liberal democracy, its applicability to the scenario in Nepal, and the historical developments that determine how democracy takes shape.

Introduction: Parameters of Nepali Politics


Introduction: Parameters of Nepali Politics

Nepali State Revisited

Quest for Status: Wars, Treaties, and Diplomacy

Democracy, Peace, and Development

Nepal and the World: Managing Geopolitics

What Next?



The book is extremely useful for students of politics in Nepal and offers an excellent case study for those interested in the nature of state formation as well as the debate on state failures more widely.
Economic & Political Weekly

Lok Raj Baral

Lok Raj Baral is Professor and Executive Chairman of Nepal Centre for Contemporary Studies (NCCS), Kathmandu, Nepal. He has served as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Political Science at Tribhuvan University during 1976–1989. He was also the President of the Nepal Political Science Association, Nepal Council of World Affairs, and Society for Constitutional and Parliamentary Exercises (SCOPE).  Professor Baral was a member of the delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in 1990 and International Research Committee member of the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS), and also served as Nepal’s ambassador to... More About Author

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