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Communication for Diverse Settings

First Edition

March 2008 | 460 pages | SAGE South Asia
Negotiation is not formulaic. How we negotiate is determined largely by the context in which the negotiation process takes place.

Negotiation: Communication for Diverse Settings provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the negotiation process as it applies to a wide variety of contexts. Skillfully weaving practitioner interviews and real world examples throughout the book, Michael Spangle and Myra Warren Isenhart emphasize the day-to-day relevance of negotiation skill. The authors provide knowledge vital to successful negotiation in a variety of situations, including interpersonal relations, the workplace, shopping and other consumer settings, community relations, and international affairs. Discussions of the moral and ethical dilemmas of negotiation-as well as the detail provided in various sections, such as international negotiations will undoubtedly prove useful to novice and seasoned negotiators alike.

Features of this text: 
- Takes a communication perspective, analyzing the negotiation process and how different settings and elements affect negotiation strategies and techniques
- Discusses the cultural context of conflict
- Introduces basic theoretical principles and practical steps in the negotiating process
- Moves on a continuum from micro (interpersonal) to macro (international) levels of negotiation
- Addresses the interpersonal skills necessary for effective negotiation, factors that cause negotiations to break down, and what to do when that happens
- Includes "Professional Profiles" interviews with professional negotiators from a variety of backgrounds
- Brings concepts to life for students through the use of boxed negotiation examples from a variety of contexts
Contextual Nature of Negotiation
Theoretical Perspectives
Negotiation Processes
Qualities and Skills of Effective Negotiators
When Negotiation Breaks Down
Consumer Negotiation
Organizational Negotiation
Community Negotiation
International Negotiation
Integrating the Art with the Science of Negotiation

clear, well organized coverage of negotiation process and related issues

Barry Nocks
Clemson University

Very insightful, engaging, theoretically, grounded, practically focused, and invaluable to applying concrete solutions do negotiation challenges.

Dr. Cephas Lerewonu

A great overview of what it takes to excel as a negotiator.

Nicholas J. Chabra
Pfeiffer University

Michael L. Spangle

For more than two decades, Michael Spangle, Ph.D. has provided training or consulting for a wide variety of organizations including J.D. Edwards, Time/Warner, I.B.M., Inflow Inc., the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The National Association of Realtors, and the U.S. Navy, as well as schools, churches, and hospitals. He served as Director of Graduate Studies in Applied Communication and Alternate Dispute Resolution at the University of Denver and Director of Faculty and Curriculum for the School of Professional Studies at Regis University. In addition to a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from the University of Denver, he... More About Author

Myra Warren Isenhart

Myra Warren Isenhart teaches, writes, and consults about topics in organizational communication. Currently a faculty member at the University of Denver, she has also served on faculties at the University of Colorado at Denver and St. Thomas Theological Seminary. Her MA & PhD are in Human Communication. She is a speaker and author on conflict management in the workplace. She has published a articles in communication journals and coauthored Collaborative Approaches to Conflict Management also published by Sage. Her clients are broad based, with concentrations in health care, software development, and government. She serves on several... More About Author

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