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Neglected Children

Neglected Children
Research, Practice, and Policy

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Child Neglect

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Child neglect is the most common type of child maltreatment. Substantial evidence indicates that the morbidity and mortality associated with neglect are significant, with enormous costs to the children involved and to society.Yet there is no major text focused exclusively on child neglect.

Neglected Children presents a comprehensive and critical portrait of the phenomenon of neglect, based on theory, research and clinical practice experience. The editor and the contributing authors present a rich, interdisciplinary conceptualization with a broad view of neglect, moving far beyond the current child welfare focus on parental omissions in care. This broader view is essential to seriously addressing the complex and pervasive underpinnings of neglect.

James Garbarino and Cyleste C Collins
Child Neglect
The Family with a Hole in the Middle

Susan J Zuravin
Child Neglect
A Review of Definitions and Measurement Research

Patricia McKinsey Crittenden
Child Neglect
Causes and Contributors

Jill E Korbin and James C Spilsbury
Cultural Competence and Child Neglect
James M Gaudin Jr
Child Neglect
Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes

Howard Dubowitz
Neglect of Children's Health Care
Ira J Chasnoff and Lee Ann Lowder
Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Use and Risk for Child Maltreatment
A Timely Approach to Intervention

Barbara L Bonner, Sheila M Crow and Mary Beth Logue
Fatal Child Neglect
Wayne Holden and Laura Nabors
The Prevention of Child Neglect
Diana J English
Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Child Neglect in Public Child Protection Services
Diana DePanfilis
Intervening with Families when Children are Neglected
Thomas D Lyon
Are Battered Women Bad Mothers? Rethinking the Termination of Abused Women's Parental Rights for Failure to Protect
Maureen M Black and Howard Dubowitz
Child Neglect
Research Recommendations and Future Directions

Richard J Gelles
Policy Issues in Child Neglect

Howard Dubowitz

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