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Needs and Welfare

Needs and Welfare

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The provision of welfare has been a politically controversial issue. Debates on the subject intensified in the 1980s as some western governments reduced programs which had enabled many of their citizens' needs to be met. Needs and Welfare explores the concept of need and how needs can be, and are, met in western societies. The contributors first look at the major theoretical traditions underlying the provision of welfare and contrast absolute needs with relative needs. Then, they examine welfare provision by the state and citizens' rights to welfare. The final section focuses on the other side of the welfare issue--provision of welfare by private and voluntary organizations. An interesting discussion of different models of welfare provision and two case studies provide valuable insight into the provision of welfare in advanced industrial western states.
Alan Ware and Robert E Goodin
Robert E Goodin
Relative Needs
Peter Jones
Universal Principles and Particular Claims
From Welfare Rights to Welfare States

Michael Freeden
Rights, Needs and Community
The Emergence of British Welfare Thought

Brian Barry
The Welfare State versus the Relief of Poverty
Joakim Palme
Models of Old-Age Pensions
Richard Parry
Needs, Services and Political Success Under the British Conservatives
Norman Johnson
Problems for the Mixed Economy of Welfare
Stein Kuhnle and Per Selle
Meeting Needs in a Welfare State
Relations Between Government and Voluntary Organizations in Norway

Alan Ware
Meeting Needs through Voluntary Action
Does Market Society Corrode Altruism?


`interesting and thought provoking...touches on a developing field which is still not well represented in the literature' - Journal of Social Policy

Alan J Ware

Robert Goodin