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Naturalistic Inquiry

Naturalistic Inquiry

April 1985 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Showing how science is limited by its dominant mode of investigation, Lincoln and Guba propose an alternative paradigma "naturalistic" rather than "rationalistic" method of inquiryin which the investigator avoids manipulating research outcomes. A "paradigm shift" is under way in many fields, they contend, and go on to describe the different assumptions of the two approaches regarding the nature of reality, subject-object interaction, the possibility of generalization, the concept of causality, and the role of values. The authors also offer guidance for research in the field (where, they say, naturalistic inquiry always takes place). Useful tips are given, for example, on "designing" a study as it unfolds, establishing "trustworthiness," and writing a case report. This book helps researchers "both to understand and to do naturalistic inquiry." Of particular interest to educational researchers, it is valuable for all social scientists involved with questions of qualitative and quantitative methodology.
Post-Positivism and the Naturalistic Paradigm
Is the Naturalistic Paradigm the Genuine Article?
Constructed Realities
The Disturbing and Disturbed Observer
The Only Generalization is
There is no Generalization

Is Causality a Viable Concept?
Is Being Value-Free Valuable?
Doing What Comes Naturally
Designing a Naturalistic Inquiry
Implementing the Naturalistic Inquiry
Establishing Trustworthiness
Processing Naturalistically-Obtained Data
Case Reporting, Member Checking, and Auditing

Yvonna S. Lincoln

Yvonna S. Lincoln is Professor Emerita at Texas A&M University, where she held the Ruth Harrington Chair of Educational Leadership and was Distinguished Professor of Higher Education. She is the coeditor of the journal Qualitative Inquiry, coeditor of the first through six editions of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research, and coeditor of The SAGE Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies. As well, she is the coauthor, editor, or coeditor of more than a half dozen other books and volumes. She has served as the President of the Association for the Study of Higher Education and the American Evaluation Research Association,... More About Author

Egon Gotthold Guba

(Retired)  More About Author

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