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Natural Resources Conservation Law

Natural Resources Conservation Law

First Edition
  • Sairam Bhat - National Law School India University, Bengaluru


October 2010 | 576 pages | SAGE India

This book presents a critical analysis of India's environment pollution and protection scenario, following the 'State-Pressure-Response' framework to analyze the parameters of conservation. It advocates that the role of environmental law should not be restricted to mere prevention and control of pollution but should encompass conservation and regeneration of natural resources too.

The book also reflects on India's management policy regarding resource conservation and highlights the international laws on arbitration in environmental matters. It is a one stop reference for all debates and discussions on environment with a global perspective.



Constituion and Common Law Principles

Water Conservation: Legal issues and challenges

Forest: Legal Issues and Conservation Strategies

Legal Regime Relating to Conservation of Land


International Law: Principles of sustainable development for resource conservation

Resource Conservation and Management: Perspectives

International Environmental Law Arbitration: New approaches to dispute resolution


List of Cases



Sairam Bhat

Sairam Bhat is Faculty, National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. Prior to this, he worked as a Research Offi cer, Centre for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy, NLSIU.He was a Fullbright Fellow in the year 2010, visiting Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington DC, USA. He was also awarded the ‘Young Indian Environmental Law Fellowship’ by Golden Gate University, California, USA and worked there as an adjunct faculty.Sairam Bhat has co-authored Environmental Law Module for Master of Business Law and Handbook on Environmental Law for Law Practitioners. He has also edited a book for the SAGE Law series... More About Author

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