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Native Americans

Native Americans

October 2002 | 400 pages | CQ Press
''Using both contributed essays from eminent scholars and excerpts of primary source documents with explanatory headnotes, the new reference series, American Political History, will focus on broad-based issues in American political history. ''''The first title in the series explores the political history of Native Americans. Through a combination of documents and analytical essays-court cases, legislation, executive branch statements and activities-Native Americans will explain a wide range of historical, political, and social issues that have impacted Native Americans since the founding of the United States. ''''Native Americans will explain:''''The historical and legal federal Indian policy'' Native American self-government and politics'' Social Issues like religious freedom, women's rights, criminal justice, equal protection, welfare, and the environment'' Governing Issues such as sovereignty of tribal government, genocide, ethnocide, taxation, hunting rights, water rights, and property rights.''''''

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Donald A. Grinde

Donald A. Grinde Jr. is a professor of history and the director of ALANA Studies at the University of Vermont. He is a member of the American Indian Historian's Association and a founding member of the American Indian University Professors. Grinde has written over four dozen scholarly articles on American Indians and authored or edited ten books on the topic. He is considered one of the senior scholars on American Indian history. More About Author

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