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Mythbusting for Trainee Teachers

Mythbusting for Trainee Teachers

May 2020 | 184 pages | Learning Matters

Teaching and education are awash with myths.  This book explores some of them for trainee teachers and asks:

-        Where does this myth come from? 

-        How do we know that it isn’t true? 

-        Why does it matter that we challenge it?

Every chapter poses a few common myths within that area and explores what the research actually says. 

Using research as a basis to explore what it true and what is false, it gives trainee teachers a much more informed understanding and encourages important discussions about teaching and learning.

Child development
How children learn
Praise and rewards
Mental Health
Teaching Assistants
Ability Grouping
Re-reading and highlighting
Structuring lessons
Behaviour management
Mastery approaches
Play-based learning in the early years

Jonathan Glazzard

Jonathan Glazzard is Professor of Teacher Education, Head of Children, Education and Communities, Edge Hill University. More About Author

Samuel Stones

Samuel Stones is an Associate Researcher in the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University. His research outputs are linked with the Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools. Samuel works with initial teacher training students in university and school contexts and is an Associate Leader of maths, computing, economics and business at a secondary school and sixth form college in North Yorkshire.   More About Author