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Music Business Handbook and Career Guide

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide

13th Edition

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December 2022 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Thirteenth Edition of this powerhouse best-selling text maintains its tradition as the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the music industry in all of its diversity. Readers new to the music business and seasoned professionals alike will find David Baskerville, Tim Baskerville, and Serona Elton's handbook the go-to source, regardless of their specialty within the music field. Music Business Handbook and Career Guide is ideal for introductory courses such as Introduction to the Music Business, Music and Media, and other survey courses as well as more specialized courses such as the Record Industry, Music Careers, Artist Management, and more. 

The fully updated Thirteenth Edition includes a comprehensive discussion of the streaming revolution, where this predominant form of music consumption stands today and is heading in the future. Rapid changes in music licensingare addressed and how they impact creators, musical work performance licensing, compulsory and negotiated mechanicals, and sound recording licenses. The new edition also analyzes the changing picture of music video and shows how music video has been upended by on-demand streaming.  Lastly, there is all-new coverage of COVID-19and how the concert industry has been impacted as well as digital advances that have been made. 


CHAPTER 1 • Introduction to the Music Business
CHAPTER 2 • Agents, Managers, and Attorneys
CHAPTER 3 • Unions and Guilds
CHAPTER 4 • Artist Management
CHAPTER 5 • Music Copyright
CHAPTER 6 • Professional Songwriting
CHAPTER 7 • Music Publishing
CHAPTER 8 • Music Licensing
CHAPTER 9 • Recording Artists and Record Labels
CHAPTER 10 • Recording Agreements
CHAPTER 11 • Record and Video Production
CHAPTER 12 • Record Label Marketing and Distribution
CHAPTER 13 • On-Demand Streaming
CHAPTER 14 • Market Analytics
CHAPTER 15 • Concert Promotion
CHAPTER 16 • Concert Venues
CHAPTER 17 • Arts Administration
CHAPTER 18 • Music in Theatre
CHAPTER 19 • Music in Radio and Video
CHAPTER 20 • Music in Media
CHAPTER 21 • Music Products
CHAPTER 22 • The DIY Artist
CHAPTER 23 • Starting Your Own Business
CHAPTER 24 • Career Options
CHAPTER 25 • Career Development


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"Music Business Handbook and Career Guide is the most comprehensive book on this topic by far."

Kim L. Wangler
Appalachian State University

"Thorough and comprehensive; a good starting point for any music business topic."

Ken Paoli
Professor of Music, College of DuPage

"It is absolutely the best resource for musicians learning how to navigate today's music market place."

Charles Denler
Colorado Christian University

"I like that this text is very comprehensive, and provides more fact than opinion."

A.J. Merlino, DMA
Albright College

"I like the wide variety of aspects of the commercial music field covered by this book. It allows me to bring in frequent guest speakers to share their perspective on particular chapters in the book."

John Prescott
Missouri State University

I have not received this book for review

Dr Janet Nepkie
Music Dept, Suny College At Oneonta
April 22, 2024

Baskerville, Baskerville, and Elton (13th edition) is very thorough, thoughtfully designed, and well written. It will meet my teaching needs in all respects.

Dr Bruce Ronkin
Music Dept, Northeastern University
June 26, 2023

David Baskerville

Author David Baskerville (1918–1986) received a PhD in music from UCLA. His background included staff composer-conductor for NBC-Hollywood; arranger for Nelson Riddle, Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Fox; television producer for BBC-London; conductor at Radio City Music Hall; trombonist with the Seattle Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and NBC-Hollywood orchestra; executive vice president of Ad-Staff, Inc., producer of award-winning broadcast commercials; executive editor of Tor Music Publishing Company; and president of Sherwood Recording Studios, North Hollywood.He also served as a consultant to companies in the entertainment... More About Author

Timothy Baskerville

Author Tim Baskerville has a diverse background in entertainment and media. He began his career in broadcasting after receiving a BA in theater arts from UCLA. Early affiliations included CBS and Cox Broadcasting, where he served as a staff writer-producer. The first TV documentary he created for CBS TV stations was nominated for an Emmy. As a publisher and entrepreneur, he launched business periodicals on the home video software industry, global film distribution, multinational broadcasting, and mobile communications. He served as president of what is now a division of S&P Global Market Intelligence, the leading provider of financial... More About Author

Serona Elton

Author Serona Elton has extensive experience as a music business professional and educator. She is a professor, Director of the Music Industry Program, and Associate Dean of Administration at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. She is also a Yamaha Master Educator and serves as Head of Educational Partnerships for The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC). She began her career in the music business while earning a BS in Finance from the University of Florida, an MM in Music Media and Industry from the University of Miami, and a JD from Brooklyn Law School. Previously, Elton worked for Warner Music Group, where she held the... More About Author

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