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Multivariate Analysis of Categorical Data: Theory

Multivariate Analysis of Categorical Data: Theory

120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Aimed at researchers and students interested in non-linear analysis of categorical variables, this book explains multivariate analysis geometrically rather than through the use of formal algebraic formulae. It first covers what the desirable properties of a geometric display should look like on the basis of classical analysis. Next, it discusses how these desirable properties can be enhanced by gradually eliminating the restrictions imposed by an a priori technique. The book goes on to explore such topics as the relation of principal components analysis, canonical analysis and generalized canonical analysis to one another, optimal quantification for one, two and three variables, and how many dimensions are needed for optimal quantification.
General Concepts
Classical Methods of Multivariate Analysis
Principal Components Analysis
Optimal Quantification
Indicator Matrices
Properties and Risks of Optimal Quantification

John van de Geer