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Multiple Regression

Multiple Regression
Testing and Interpreting Interactions

224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This successful book, now available in paperback, provides academics and researchers with a clear set of prescriptions for estimating, testing and probing interactions in regression models. Including the latest research in the area, such as Fuller's work on the corrected/constrained estimator, the book is appropriate for anyone who uses multiple regression to estimate models, or for those enrolled in courses on multivariate statistics.
Interactions between Continuous Predictors in Multiple Regression
The Effects of Predictor Scaling on Coefficients of Regression Equations
Testing and Probing Three-Way Interactions
Structuring Regression Equations to Reflect Higher Order Relationships
Model and Effect Testing with Higher Order Terms
Interactions between Categorical and Continuous Variables
Reliability and Statistical Power
Some Contrasts Between ANOVA and MR in Practice


"The book would serve very well as a reference for applied researchers and methodologiests. . . . In particular, this would be an excellent reference for anyone who encounters a multivariable prediction problem and has reason to believe that either a nonlinear model or a model including a variable product term would be appropriate." 

Contemporary Psychology

Adopting for Fall 2015/Spring 2016 - wonderful book on how to interpret interactions; very clear.

Dr Jennifer Stewart
Psychology Dept, Cuny Queens College
March 3, 2015

I received the book after the semester started so I was unable to incorporate the textbook into the course for Spring 2015. I plan to add it to this course for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, however.

I received an invoice for $113.22 for the book and will pay it, but I was surprised that I had to pay for an instructor review copy since I did not have to pay for a review copy for the Sage Field book that I adopted for the course.

Dr Jennifer Stewart
Psychology Dept, Cuny Queens College
March 3, 2015

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Leona S. Aiken

Leona S. Aiken (PhD, Purdue University) is Professor and Chair of Social and Quantitative Psychology at Arizona State University. Her research interests include both quantitative methods and health psychology. In quantitative methods, she is known for her work in continuous variable interactions in multiple regression. She is also interested in the use of design approaches and mediational analysis to untangle the effects of individual components in multi-component interventions. In health psychology, she is interested in adoption of health protective behaviors across the life span, particularly among women, both from the perspectives of... More About Author

Stephen G. West

Stephen G. West (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Quantitative and Social Psychology at the University of Arizona. His current quantitative research interests include field research methods, structural equation modeling, multiple regression analysis, mediational analysis, graphics and exploratory data analysis, and longitudinal data analysis. Current social psychology research interests include personality research, applied social, prevention-related issues in health, mental health. He is the editor of Psychological Methods, published by APA. More About Author