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Multicultural Counseling Competencies

Multicultural Counseling Competencies
Assessment, Education and Training, and Supervision

456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume, leading researchers and trainers in multicultural counselling and psychology address the issues of what makes a counsellor multiculturally competent and how to create more culturally competent counsellors.

The contributors consider ways to evaluate counsellors for their awareness, knowledge and skills in working with a broad spectrum of populations. Chapters also examine in detail the pedagogical implications of establishing competencies, including training philosophies and models as well as course and curriculum development.

Derald Wing Sue
Gargi Roysicar Sodowsky, Phoebe Y Kuo-Jackson and Gary J Loya
Outcome of Training and the Philosophy of Assessment
Multicultural Counseling Competencies

Hardin L K Coleman
Portfolio Assessment of Multicultural Counseling Competence
Janet E Helms and Tina Q Richardson
How `Multiculturalism' Obscures Race and Culture as Differential Aspects of Counseling
Ruth E Fassinger and Beth Sperber Richie
Sex Matters
Gender and Sexual Orientation in Training for Multicultural Counseling Competency

Joseph G Ponterotto
Multicultural Counseling Training
A Competency Model and National Survey

Charles R Ridley, Dorothy L Espelage and Karen J Rubenstein
Course Development in Multicultural Counseling
Luis Vásquez
A Systemic Multicultural Curriculum Model
The Pedagogical Process

Mark M Leach and Michael A Carlton
Toward Defining a Multicultural Training Philosophy
Amy L Reynolds
Using the Multicultural Change Intervention Matrix (MCIM) as a Multicultural Counseling Training Model
Donald B Pope-Davis, Cynthia Breaux and William M Liu
A Multicultural Immersion Experience
Filling a Void in Multicultural Training

Alberta M Gloria and Donald B Pope-Davis
Cultural Ambience
The Importance of a Culturally Aware Learning Environment in the Training and Education of Counselors

Gerald Stone
Multiculturalism as a Context for Supervision
Perspectives, Limitations and Implications

Michael D'Andrea and Judy Daniels
Multicultural Counseling Supervision
Central Issues, Theoretical Considerations and Practical Strategies

Madonna G Constantine
Facilitating Multicultural Competency in Counseling Supervision
Operationalizing a Practical Framework

Roció P Martínez and Elizabeth L Holloway
The Supervision Relationship in Multicultural Training
Roberto Cortéz González
Postmodern Supervision
A Multicultural Perspective

Margaret L Fong and Suzanne H Lease
Cross-Cultural Supervision
Issues for the White Supervisor


Donald B. Pope-Davis

Hardin L. K. Coleman

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