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Motivational Career Counselling & Coaching

Motivational Career Counselling & Coaching
Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches

April 2012 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Are you a career counselor or coach in need of a new skills set to help meet the challenges of supporting clients?

This book is for you. It is the first to combine the theory and practice of CBT with careers counseling, presenting cognitive and behavioral approaches to help clients think and act more effectively in challenging situations in order to obtain their goals. Providing clear, practical strategies and a wealth of materials that can be used with clients in one-to-one or group settings, the book introduces:

  • Theory of cognitive and behavioral psychological approaches within the context of careers counseling Motivational techniques to help clients succeed at interview
  • How to help clients make effective vocational/educational choices and excel in the workplace
  • Professional issues i.e., assessment tools, ethical issues, evaluation
  • Self-management, using CBT techniques on yourself

This is essential reading for trainees studying for a careers guidance qualification, as well as CBT trainees wishing to go on to careers counseling.

Introduction to CBT Career Counselling Theory
Enabling Clients to Succeed at Interview
Supporting Clients in Decision Making
Cognitive and Behavioural Approaches to Career Counselling in the Workplace
Supporting Unemployed Clients
Supporting Clients in Education
Reflective Practice and Using Assessment and Self-Help Tools
Ethical Issues
Career Counselling and Coaching for Self-Care

'This book lives up to its billing. It adds to the literature on CBT and

careers counselling and will benefit practitioners in both fields' -

Windy Dryden, Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies and Programme Co-ordinator of the MSc in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Goldsmiths, University of London

'As first a careers practitioner, then educator/trainer of careers counsellors for over 25 years, I was constantly searching for books that provided high quality, interesting and (above all) practical exercises that I could implement in my practice. These were always hard to come by - especially for the specialist subject area of careers. This book provides these and a lot more. In addition to the numerous exercises that are both easy to understand and would be easy to implement, this book (importantly) places them within a credible and coherent theoretical framework. This alone, would be sufficient to make it worthy of recommendation, but in addition, it provides case study scenarios that illustrate how, when and why these exercises could be useful. CBT represents a new and innovative approach for career practitioners. The authors provide compelling arguments for the value of integrating this approach within career practice, with chapters focusing specifically on clients with different needs across a range of career-related contexts. Particular strengths of the book, in my view, are the final three chapters on reflective practice, ethical issues and self-care. Under constant and increasing pressure to delivery high quality services, practitioners can often neglect their own professional and personal needs. These chapters provide a timely reminder of these essential components of effective and efficient professional career practice. Overall, the authors are to be congratulated on having produced a book that successfully combines theory, practice and research, in parallel with introducing an innovative, evidence-based approach that has considerable potential to enhance the quality of services' -
Jenny Bimrose, Warwick Institute for Employment Research

A really useful book linking coaching with CBT

Miss Emma Hornby
AITA, The Colleges Partnership
September 26, 2016

Interesting background reading for all Under-graduate students

Dr Raymond Shaw
Business Dept, Cultural Experience Abroad - University of New Haven
February 23, 2015

This is one of the best Career Practitioner books I have read in a long time. It blends theory and practice marvellously with case studies to help earth things. I have adopted some of the models in my own career coaching

Mr Rob Wood
Student Services, Southampton University
October 7, 2014

This book is very well laid out easy to follow. Very useful principles and skills for supporting clients. Looking at many areas of the job role giving examples and key points.

Miss Julia Chiari
Employability, Work Ready People- Hit
August 8, 2014

Supporting clients in education chapter was helpful within my FE role. Fantastic book at supporting my development within my role.
Helpful book, with a clear layout. Some interesting Reflecting and discuss questions at the end of each chapter.

Miss Kayleigh Robinson
Health & Social Care, Tresham Institute
July 17, 2013

This is a very clear introduction to an area of burgeoning interest for careers practitioners. It introduces key concepts in a clear, accessible style that is also underpinned by considerable expertise. It is an essential part of our course readings for postgraduate students

Mr John Gough
Social and Community Studies, Coventry University
May 23, 2013

Not quite what I need at the moment

Ms Sally Howard
Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick University
May 8, 2013

A useful overview of the many uses of cognitive behavioural approaches in careers work, accessible and well presented.

Ms Gill Frigerio
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University
March 13, 2013

A supportive text which can help students better understand and help sustain the circle of change

Mrs Jo Pothecary
Foundation Studies, Wiltshire College
November 21, 2012

Steve Sheward

Rhena Branch

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