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More Effective Communication

More Effective Communication
A Manual for Professionals

First Edition
  • J V Vilanilam - Ex-Vice Chancellor , University of Kerala, Trivandrum

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Management Communication

February 2000 | 240 pages | SAGE Response
Effective communication skills have become essential for professionals who wish to achieve the desired levels of performance in today`s increasingly competitive business environment. This practical guide will help professionals to communicate skilfully and persuasively.

Usage and Rhetoric - Some Basics
Written Communication I - Reports, Memos, Agenda and Minutes
Written Communication II - External Correspondence
Oral Communication - Public Speaking and Group Dynamics
Audio-Visual Aids and Multimedia Presentation
Information Technology for Professional Communication
Appendices: Some Commonly Confused Words and Their Correct Usage

J. V. Vilanilam

John V Vilanilam is the former Head of the Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Kerala, Trivandrum where he also served as the Vice-Chancellor between 1992 and 1996. He is an expert in the field of Development and Development Communication, having authored numerous books including titles such as Reporting a Revolution: The Iranian Revolution and the NIICODebate (1989), Science Communication and Development (1993), MoreEffective Communication: A Manual for Professionals (2000), Advertising Basics (2004) and Mass Communication in India: A Sociological Perspective (2005). Dr Vilanilam is an extremely prolific writer and... More About Author

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ISBN: 9780761993636