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Military Psychology

Military Psychology
Concepts, Trends and Interventions

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Nidhi Maheshwari - Scientist, Strategic Behaviour Division, Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India, New Delhi
  • Vineeth V. Kumar - Associate Professor, School of Management, BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, Haryana

January 2016 | 376 pages | SAGE India

A useful book that deals with a number of psychological issues surfacing in military and paramilitary forces.

Military Psychology: Concepts, Trends and Interventions offers various psychological theories that are not only significant in the context of soldiers but also help to strengthen the capability of military and paramilitary forces during combat and non-combat operations.  Stressing on the psycho-social well-being of the soldiers, this book offers insights into military psychological issues, such as soldier selection, combating stress, instances of misconduct, psychological operations, optimism, resilience and hardiness training, gender bias, value-based leadership, familial well-being and the future warfare. The global case studies in the book offer lessons for India and other countries where military and para-military forces are engaged in dealing with both external and internal extremism. 

Manas K. Mandal
Nidhi Maheshwari and Vineeth V. Kumar
Nidhi Maheshwari, Vineeth V Kumar and N P Singh
Military Psychology: The Centurion Phenomenon
Gurpreet Kaur, Dinika Anand and Soumi Awasthy
Intelligence and Aptitude Testing
Suresh A, Arunima Gupta and Sucheta Sarkar
Biographical Inventory for Selection
Joseph Miller
Human Landscape of War
Emerald M Archer
Stereotype Threat and Marksmanship Performance
Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Ashutosh Ratnam and T Madhusudhan
Misconduct Behaviours in Armed Forces
Ron Schleifer
Psychological Operations in Warfare
Swati Johar and Updesh Kumar
Future Warfare and Mind Control
Eyal Lewin
The Secret Weapon of Optimism
Michael D. Matthews
Building Soldier Resilience
Paul T Bartone, Jarle Eid and Sigurd W. Hystad
Training Hardiness for Stress Resilience
Sujata Satapathy
Promoting Psychosocial Health of Disaster First Responders
Vidushi Pathak, Anju Rani and Sneha Goswami
Value-based Leadership
Archana and Updesh Kumar
Familial Pathways to Soldier Effectiveness
James Okolie-Osemene
Countering Terrorism: Interrogating Communication Oversight
Amparo Pamela H Fabe
Winning Hearts and Building Peace
Nidhi Maheshwari and Vineeth V Kuma
Beyond Century: The Future of Military Psychology

Nidhi Maheshwari

Nidhi Maheshwari, Ph.D., is a Scientist at the Strategic Behaviour Division, Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Delhi. She specializes in the area of Strategic Behaviour Analysis, particularly Assessment and Management of Psycho-bio-social Markers of Combat Stress Behaviours, Combat Motivation and Morale, Rumour and Propaganda Management (Psychological Operations), as well as Special Forces Profiling. She has obtained her doctorate degree from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. As a psychologist, Dr Maheshwari has been employed at... More About Author

Vineeth V. Kumar

Vineeth V. Kumar, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the School of Management, BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, Haryana. He has over 13 years of experience in teaching, training and research in behavioural sciences. He has been awarded doctorate in psychology from University of Rajasthan. His subjects of interest include psychometric testing and assessment, applied psychology, organizational behaviour, positive psychology and military psychology. He has published several research papers in peer-reviewed national and international journals. His pursuits have been in the arena of positive psychology-based interventions for nurturing holistic... More About Author

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