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Migrant Women and Work

Migrant Women and Work

First Edition
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Sociology of Migration

April 2006 | 228 pages | SAGE India
This volume studies the patterns and consequences of long-term migration among Asian women, primarily 'solo migrant women', who migrate globally as well as across the Asian continent in order to find work. Covering a broad terrain of gender issues, the volume analyzes the changing gender composition of migration streams and the specific conditions under which they migrate, as also compares the different outcomes of male and female migration.

The contributors discuss a variety of issues from a fresh perspective including gender equality, household division of labor and state policies regarding welfare provisions. Overall, the volume maintains that the structural ramifications of women's migration extend beyond the lives of migrant women themselves insofar as their labor plays a crucial factor in shaping gender relations in the societies of both the migrants and their hosts.

The picture of migrant workers that emerges from this volume suggests that the specificity of the migrant woman's occupational class marks the degree of her vulnerability. Among the case studies presented are: the migration of Filipino women; Thai rural women's migration to Bangkok; Indian nurses in the Gulf; and Asian women medical workers in the UK.
Series Introduction
Anuja Agrawal
Women, Work and Migration in Asia

Leela Gulati
Asian Women Workers in International Labour Migration
An Overview

Parvati Raghuram
Gendering Medical Migration
Asian Women Doctors in the UK

Rhacel Salazar Parrenas
Caring for the Filipino Family
How Gender Differentiates the Economic Causes of Labour Migration

Chiho Ogaya
Towards an Analysis of Social Mobility of Transnational Migrant Women
The Case of Filipina Domestic Workers

Alyson Brody
Beyond Duty and Desire
Reconsidering Motivations for Thai Women's Migration to Bangkok

Marie Percot
Indian Nurses in the Gulf
From Job Opportunity to Life Strategy

Anuja Agrawal
Family, Migration and Prostitution
The Case of Bedia Community of North India

Sheila Jeffreys
The Traffic in Women
Human Rights Violation or Migration for Work?


The focus of this book on women migrants from different coutries in South and Southeast Asia. It examines the experiences of women who have found work in either unskilled or skilled employment, as domestic workers, doctors, nurses, workers in the entertainment or sex industries or in other capacities.

Gender, Technology and Development

The book is significant as it not only breaks the silence on the critical issue of women in migration and its complexities, but also captures its multilayered multiplicity in the era of globalisation….The book underlines the centrality of women in both international and intra-national migration, the ramifications of which has serious economic, political and socio-cultural implications in a changed global scenario.

The Tribune

The distinguishing feature of this collection of original essays and case studies is that it concentrates on `solo` migrant women….the case studies demonstrate that gender ideologies remain highly resistant to modification even consequent to a radical alteration in the household division of labour owing to women`s migration.

The Hindustan Times

A look at migrating women, especially single migrant women….focuses on Asian women who migrate globally or across the Asian continent or within their respective countries in order to seek work.

The Financial Express

Anuja Agrawal

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