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Cognitive and Social Dimensions

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In recent years, cognitive as well as social psychologists have become increasingly aware that metacognition (cognitive processes that apply to themselves) is a fundamental aspect of human psychology. Are metacognitive activities similar to standard cognitive processes or do they represent a separate category? How do people reflect on their cognitive processes? Does our metacognitive knowledge affect our behavioral choices? These are only some of the questions addressed in this broad ranging book. Metacognition is a major international and interdisciplinary book that shows how a full analysis of human reasoning and behavior requires an understanding of both cognitive and metacognitive activities. This group of world-renowned authors draw together key insights from across social and cognitive psychology to offer an unmatched overview of this major debate. It will be invaluable for students and academics in social and cognitive psychology.
Guy Lories, Benoit Dardenne and Vincent Y Yzerbyt
From Social Cognition to Metacognition
Asher Koriat
Illusions of Knowing
The Link between Knowledge and Metaknowledge

Adisack Nhouyvanisvong and Lynne M Reder
Rapid Feeling-of-Knowing
A Strategy Selection Mechanism

Guy Lories and Marie-Anne Schelstreate
The Feeling-of-Knowing as a Judgement
Thomas O Nelson, Arie Kruglanski and John T Jost
Knowing Thyself and Others
Progress in Metacognitive Social Psychology

Herbert Bless and Fritz Strack
Social Influence on Memory
William B Swann Jr and Michael J Gill
Beliefs, Confidence and the Widows Ademoski
On Knowing What We Know about Others

Vincent Y Yzerbyt, Benoit Dardenne and Jacques-Philipppe Leyens
Social Judgeability Concerns in Impression Formation
Mahzarin R Banaji and Nilanjana Dasgupta
The Consciousness of Social Beliefs
A Program of Research on Stereotyping and Prejudice

Timothy D Wilson, Daniel T Gilbert and Thalia Wheatley
Protecting Our Minds
The Role of Lay Beliefs

Duane T Wegener, Richard E Petty and Meghan Dunn
The Metacognition of Bias Correction
Naive Theories of Bias and The Flexible Correction Model

Leonard L Martin and Diederik A Stapel
Correction and Metacognition
Are People Naive Dogmatists or Naive Empiricists during Social Judgements


`This book presents an extremely challenging read.' - Physiotherapy

Vincent Y.A. Yzerbyt

Guy Lories

Benoit Dardenne

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