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Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies

Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies

January 2014 | 440 pages | CQ Press

Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies provides a comprehensive survey and guide to the mercenary forces, entrepreneurs, and corporations that are a major component of warfare today. Security, military advice, training, logistics support, policing, technological expertise, intelligence, transportation—all are outsourced to a greater or lesser degree in the U.S. military—while countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Australia rely on privatization in one form or another.

This comprehensive one-volume work covers the full range of mercenaries active on the international military scene today, including a concise history of mercenaries and private armies on land, sea, and in the air. 

Key Features

  • Illuminating sidebars include biographies of major figures, key statistics, historical and current documents, contracts, and legislation on private armies and outsourced military services. 
  • Each chapter includes a bibliography of books, journal articles, and web sites.
  • A general bibliography concludes the entire work.

Mercenaries is a must-have reference for academic libraries, public libraries, and any social science, governmental, or non-governmental reference collection.

"Prolific author Axelrod offers a general survey of mercenary companies active throughout history as well as those active today. ... Each chapter deals with a separate company. In addition to providing a historical survey of the company, the author includes services offered and known conflicts in which the company has been involved. Occasional sidebars highlight additional, less well-known information. This third part constitutes a distinctive and valuable survey, bringing considerable material together in one place. Though the book cites a limited number of references, it does have an extensive bibliography. This volume is a useful starting point for those interested in researching mercenary companies. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-level undergraduates; general readers."
W. J. Rafter
West Virginia University Libraries

Alan Axelrod

Alan Axelrod has written many works of military history, including The Real History of the Vietnam War (2012), The Real History of the Civil War (2013), A Savage Empire: Trappers, Traders, Tribes, and the Wars That Made America (2011), Selling the Great War: The Making of American Propaganda (2009), The Real History of the Cold War (2009), Patton’s Drive: The Making of America’s Greatest General (2009), Blooding at Great Meadows: Young George Washington and the Battle That Shaped the Man (2007), The Horrid Pit: The Battle of the Crater, the Civil War’s Cruelest Mission (2007), Miracle at Belleau Wood: The... More About Author

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