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Media, Communication and Development

Media, Communication and Development
Three Approaches

First Edition
  • Linje Manyozo - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

July 2012 | 284 pages | SAGE India
Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches critically investigates the three approaches that have characterized most debates in the field of Media, Communications and Development since its emergence in the 1950s, namely, media development, media for development and stakeholder and community engagement.

The book thus addresses the extant gap in scholarship in the field and includes a chapter on impact evaluation, which current scholarship has either ignored or footnoted. In addition, the book uses case studies from both the global south and the global north to attend to complex and multidisciplinary concerns with participation, power and empowerment.

The author brings in postcolonial perspectives to demonstrate that the use of MCD approaches emerged in response to the growing problems of underdevelopment, and not necessarily to western development theories. Using simple language that is at the same time theoretically engaged, he opens up the field to scholars across a large number of disciplines.

Nora C Quebral

Media, Communication and Development: Schools of Thought and Approaches

The Media for Development Approach : Emphasis on Content

The Media Development Approach: Emphasis on Structure

The Participatory Communication Approach: Emphasis on Process

Power, Participation and Policy in Media, Communication and Development

Postscript: The Day Development Dies (and the Expert Survives)



Linje Manyozo

Linje Manyozo is a Lecturer and Director of the MSc Programme in Media, Communications and Development in the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science. He has taught development communication in South Africa and Malawi, where in 2005, he successfully proposed and introduced Africa’s first ever undergraduate degree programme in development communication at the University of Malawi. He continues to guest-lecture in Europe, as he strongly believes that development communication is even more relevant to the global north. Linje’s teaching and research are informed by his upbringing in postcolonial... More About Author

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