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Maximize Your Article's Impact with Kudos

With over 2.5 million articles publishing each year, how can you make sure that your article will be read and cited amid this vast landscape of literature? SAGE partners with Kudos, a service designed specifically for authors to help you maximize the visibility, usage and citations of your paper.

What is Kudos?

Kudos is a free service that allows authors to explain, enrich, share, and measure the impact of their article. There are four simple stages and you can choose to complete any or all of the following:

1)      Explain: Add a lay summary, impact statement and personal perspective to your Kudos article page. This will make your article stand-out to researchers within the field, as well as make it more accessible to a broader audience. You can see some examples of authors putting this into practice here, here and here

2)      Enrich: Add supplementary data such as podcasts and videos to enrich your article. This helps to engage readers with your work, and provides them with more context for the research.

3)      Share: Kudos generates a trackable URL for your article page. You can sync your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts with Kudos and then post directly from there using your trackable link. Kudos also provides a tool to share the link to your paper by email.

4)      Measure:  You can track clicks from your sharing link in step 3, and see the impact of your actions in the dashboard with official citations and Altmetric scores for your article, along with the number of views your Kudos page receives.

Find out more by watching this short video:

Case in point

Read about how SAGE authors Joanne Begiato  and Dr Ella Henry used Kudos to promote their articles.

How can I get started?

When your paper is published online on SAGE Journals, you will receive an email from Kudos inviting you to register on the site and ‘claim’ your paper. If you have previously published in a SAGE Journal and would like to use Kudos, you can go ahead and start using it straight away. All authors have the option to go back and claim all of their past papers that have a CrossRef DOI. Why wait? Get going today and:

  1. Complete the brief registration form
  2. Search for and claim your papers
  3. Explain, Enrich, Share and Measure!

Your Kudos dashboard

You’ll have access to your own personal dashboard on Kudos, which only you can see. Here you can see all of your claimed articles along with the actions you have taken around them, and the resulting metrics.

You can find out more, register and start exploring at

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