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Mathematics Programs

Mathematics Programs
A Guide to Evaluation

January 1993 | 144 pages | Corwin
This volume enables teachers and administrators to design, organize and conduct useful evaluations of their school mathematics programmes -- without the need to use complicated statistical procedures or research techniques. The authors demonstrate the relevance of an evaluation to any mathematics programme and provide numerous applications of the results.
Vignette One
Problem Solving Instruction

Vignette Two
Student Placement

Evaluating the Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra

Vignette Three
Manipulative Resources for Instruction

Vignette Four
Materials for Teaching Statistics

Vignette Five
Assessing the Effectiveness of Feedback to Students

Vignette Six
Planning for Professional Growth


George W. Bright

A . Edward Uprichard

Janice H. Jetton

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ISBN: 9780803960442