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Mastering Statistics

Mastering Statistics

March 2021 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Provides readers with the statistical tools to test almost any hypothesis and research question.

By teaching complex analyses in simple, straight-forward language, and with an emphasis on statistical flexibility, this book enables readers to: 

  • Choose and apply the best statistical approach for their research design
  • Get a buffet-style introduction to the major advanced statistical techniques
  • Work with a clear set of best practices for statistical analysis in the social sciences
  • Understand the relationship between statistics and statistical inference
  • Get to grips with the advent of big datasets
  • Avoid common errors and pitfalls in the research design phase
  • Communicate the results of analysis effectively and with impact
  • Learn statistics as a journey in testing a hypothesis and exploring empirical data.
Chapter 1 The General Linear Model
Chapter 2 Multilevel Modeling
Chapter 3 Multivariate Models
Chapter 4 Non-Gaussian Statistics
Chapter 5 Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 6 Process Models
Chapter 7 Structural Equation Models
Chapter 8 Cluster Analysis
Chapter 9 Factor Analysis
Chapter 10 Time-based Analyses
Chapter 11 Exploratory Data Analysis
Chapter 12 Reporting and Visualizing Results

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Elizabeth Page-Gould

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