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Mastering Public Administration

Mastering Public Administration
From Max Weber to Dwight Waldo

Third Edition

July 2013 | 504 pages | CQ Press
In Mastering Public Administration, each chapter spotlights a significant theorist in the field, covering his/her life, research, writings, and impact, introducing the discipline's most important scholarship in both a memorable and approachable manner. The combination of biographical narrative with explanation and analysis makes abstract theories understandable while showing how subject scholars relate to each other in their work, providing much needed context. The book’s chronological organization shows the evolution of public administration theory over time. With the new edition, the authors will be adding mini-chapters that link contemporary scholars and their research to the seminal literature.
About the Authors
Jongsoo Park, James Comeaux
Evidence of Weber in Modern Public Administration Literature
Yun Hsu, Hae Kim
A Quest for Efficiency in Public Sector: From Taylor's Scientific Management to Performance Management
1. Max Weber: The Processes of Rationalization
Jenny Brodie
The Work of Luther Gulick
The Legacy of Max Weber in Contemporary Scholarship

Stephen Roll, Nicole Thomas
The Progress of Association: Tracing the Ideas of Mary Parker Follett through the Present
2. Frederick W. Taylor: The Man, the Method, the Movement
Lisa Frazier, Hyungjo Hur
Chester I. Bernard: Lessons for the 21st Century Executive
The Legacy of Frederick W. Taylor in Contemporary Scholarship

Lisa Gajari, Dae Kim
Simon’s Scissor Blades: Cutting Out a Public Administration Research Agenda
3. Luther H. Gulick: The Integrated Executive
Jamie Daniel
Lindblom’s Legacy: Incrementalism as Theory, Strategy, and Principle
The Legacy of Luther H. Gulick in Contemporary Scholarship

Akheil Singla, Kristin Harlow
Where’s Waldo? Taking a Broader View of Public Administration
4. Mary Parker Follett: The Group Process
Alex Roberts
In the Tradition of Elton Mayo: The Human Relations Approach in Public Administration
The Legacy of Mary Parker Follett in Contemporary Scholarship

5. Elton Mayo: The Human Relations Approach
The Legacy of Elton Mayo in Contemporary Scholarship

6. Chester Barnard: Organizations as Systems of Exchange
The Legacy of Chester Barnard in Contemporary Scholarship

7. Herbert A. Simon: A Decision-Making Perspective
The Legacy of Herbert A. Simon in Contemporary Scholarship

8. Charles E. Lindblom: Probing the Policy Process
The Legacy of Charles E. Lindblom in Contemporary Scholarship

9. Dwight Waldo: An Eclectic View of Public Administration
The Legacy of Dwight Waldo in Contemporary Scholarship

10. The Study of Public Administration: Origins, Development, Nature
Author Index
Subject Index

As supplementary reading of PhD students

Professor Lisheng Dong
Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
January 27, 2016

Extremely well written, gives an overview over the history of the mentioned theories but also their evolution over time and actual relevance. A must-read.

Dr Meik Nowak
IEE, Ruhr University Bochum
December 20, 2013

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Brian R. Fry

Jos C. N. Raadschelders

Jos C.N. Raadschelders, professor of public administration, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, and affiliated professor University of Leiden, the Netherlands. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. More About Author

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