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Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Four Volume Set
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November 2006 | 1 581 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Denis McQuail's Major Work in Mass Communication is another essential part of the SAGE Benchmark series. Drawing on both classic and contemporaneous sources, McQuail guides us through the central defining papers that anchor this field. Taken together, the four volumes will provide access to the key debates within the field and all the main lines of research that have emerged.

Denis McQuail's credentials as editor are impeccable - McQuail's Mass Communication is a central text now into its 5th edition, translated, used and respected globally.

Sandra J Ball-Rokeach
The Origins of Individual Media-System Dependency
Olivier Burgelin
Structural Analysis and Mass Communication
James W Carey
A Cultural Approach to Communication
Daniel Dayan and Elihu Katz
Defining Media Events
Peter Golding and Grahan Murdock
Theories of Communication and Theories of Society
Stuart Hall
Ideology and Communication Theory
Edward S Herman
The Propaganda Model
A Retrospective  
Denis McQuail, Jay G Blumler and J R Brown
The Television Audience
A Revised Perspective  
Joshua Meyrowitz
Medium Theory
C Wright Mills
The Mass Society
Merrill Morris and Christine Ogan
The Internet as a Mass Medium
Elizabeth M Perse
Models of Media Effects
John Durham Peters
Distrust of Representation
Habermas on the Public Sphere  
John P Robinson
Interpersonal Influence in Election Campaigns
Two-Step Flow Hypotheses  
Karl Erik Rosengren
Communication Research
One Paradigm or Four?  
J B Thompson
Social Theory and the Media
Phillip J Tichenor, George A Donohue and Clarice N Olien
Mass Media and the Differential Growth in Knowledge
Liesbet Van Zoonen
A New Paradigm?
Bruce Westley and Malcolm S MacLean Jr
A Conceptual Model for Mass Communication Research
Charles R Wright
Functional Analysis and Mass Communication
Jo Bardoel
Beyond Journalism
A Profession between Information Society and Civil Society  
W Lance Bennett
Towards a Theory of Press-State Relations in the US
Jay G Blumler and Dennis Kavanagh
The Third Age of Political Communication
Influences and Fears  
Jan L Bordewijk and Ben van Kaam
Towards a New Classification of Tele-Information Services
Tiina Laitila
Journalistic Codes of Ethics in Europe
John Dimmick and Philip Coit
Levels of Analysis in Mass Media Decision-Making
Majorie Ferguson
The Mythology about Globalization
Daniel C Hallin and Paolo Mancini
Media and Political Systems and the Question of Differentiation
Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem
Fields of Broadcast Regulation
Colin Hoskins and Rolf Mirus
Reasons for the US Dominance of the International Trade in Television Programs
Lawrence Lessig
What Things Regulate
Judith Lichtenberg
Foundations and Limits of Freedom of the Press
John H McManus
What Kind of Commodity Is News?
Denis McQuail
A Framework of Principle for Media Assessment
Theodore Peterson
The Social Responsibility Theory of the Press
Preben Sepstrup
Research into International TV Flows
J Tomlinson
The Discourse of Cultural Imperialism
Jan J Van Cuilenburg and Denis McQuail
Media Policy Paradigm Shifts
Charles R Bantz, Suzanne McCorkle and Roberta C Baade
The News Factory
Muriel G Cantor
The Hollywood TV Producer
Robert M Entman
Framing US Coverage of the International News
Contrasts in Narratives of the KAL and Iran Air Incidents  
Johan Galtung and Mari Holmboe Ruge
The Structure of Foreign News
Maria E Grabe, Shuhua Zhou and Brooke Barnett
Explicating Sensationalism in TV News
Content and the Bells and Whistles of Form  
Doris A Graber
Press and Television as Opinion Resources in Presidential Campaigns
Alice Hall
Reading Realism
Audiences' Evaluations of the Reality of Media Texts  
Sakae Ishikawa and Yasuko Muramatsu
Quality Assessment of Broadcast Programming
Morris Janowitz
Professional Models in Journalism
The Gatekeeper and the Advocate  
Harvey L Molotch and Marilyn J Lester
News as Purposive Behavior
Stig A Norstedt et al
From the Persian Gulf to Kosovo
War Journalism and Propaganda  
Robert E Park
News as a Form of Knowledge
Thomas E Patterson
Political Roles of the Journalist
Janice Radway
The Ideal Romance
Stephen D Reese and Jane Ballinger
The Roots of a Sociology of News Production
Remembering Mr Gates and Social Control in the Newsroom  
John Ryan and Richard A Peterson
The Product Image
The Fate of Creativity in Country Music Song-Writing  
Stacy L Smith, Amy I Nathanson and Barbara J Wilson
Prime-Time Television
Assessing Violence during the Most Popular Viewing Hours  
Gaye Tuchman
Making News by Doing Work
Routinizing the Unexpected  
Jan J Van Cuilenburg, Jan Kleinnijenhuis and Jan de Ridder
A Theory of Evaluative Discourse
Towards a Graph Theory of Journalistic Texts  
Teun Van Dijk
Discourse Analysis
Its Development and Application to the Structure of News  
Jurgen Westerstahl
Objective News Reporting
Pertti Alasuutari
I Am Ashamed to Admit It But I Have Watched Dallas
The Moral Hierarchy of Television Programmes  
W Phillips Davison
The Third Person Effect
Edna F Einsiedel
The British, Canadian and US Pornography Commissions and Their Use of Social Research
William Gamson and Andre Modigliani
Media Discourse and Public Opinion on Nuclear Power
George Gerbner et al
The Political Correlates of TV Viewing
Doris A Graber
Seeing Is Remembering
How Visuals Contribute to TV News  
Bradley S Greenberg
Diffusion of News of the Kennedy Assassination
Joke Hermes
Practising Embodiment
Reality, Respect and Issues of Gender in Media Reception  
Shanto Iyengar and Adam Simon
News Coverage of the Gulf War and Public Opinion
A Study of Agenda-Setting, Priming and Framing  
Klaus B Jensen and Karl Erik Rosengren
Five Traditions in Search of the Audience
Tamara Liebes and Elihu Katz
Patterns of Involvement in Television Fiction
A Comparative Analysis  
Sonia L Livingstone
Interpretative Viewers and Structured Programs
The Implicit Representation of Soap Opera Characters  
James Lull
The Social Uses of Television
Maxwell E McCombs and Donald L Shaw
The Agenda-Setting Function of the Press
W Russell Neumann
The Future of the Mass Audience
Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
The Theory of Public Opinion
The Concept of the Spiral of Silence  
Michael L Ray
Marketing Communication and the Hierarchy of Effects
Everett M Rogers
Communication and Development
The Passing of the Dominant Paradigm  
Alan M Rubin
Ritualized and Instrumental Television Viewing
James G Webster and Jacob J Wakshlag
A Theory of TV Program Choice
W Gill Woodall, Dennis K Davis and Haluk Sahin
From the Boob Tube to the Black Box
TV News Comprehension from an Information Processing Perspective  

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Denis McQuail

Denis McQuail is emeritus professor of communication at the University of Amsterdam and visiting professor in the Department of Politics, University of Southampton. His books include Audience Analysis (1997) and McQuail's Mass Communication Theory (5th ed. 2005), a comprehensive introduction to the field that takes full account of new technologies and globalization issues. His most recent edited collection is Communication Theory and Research (2006), which presents outstanding studies in communications research published during the last decade. The selections are drawn from the European Journal of Communication, a leading international... More About Author

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