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Masculinities, Crime and Criminology

Masculinities, Crime and Criminology

224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Is crime a "masculine" phenomenon? Why is crime so overwhelmingly an activity conducted by men? In seeking to answer these questions by exploring a series of high-profile events and debates surrounding crime, criminal justice, and social (dis)order, Richard Collier examines recent criminological, media, and political interpretations of the relationship between men, masculinities, and crime. Rejecting the widely held idea that masculinity is "in crisis," this book presents an alternative approach to theorizing the "maleness" of crime and calls for a reappraisal of the conceptual tools with which the relationship between masculinities and crime has traditionally been understood. Drawing on the ideas of corporeality, sexed subjectivity, and the materiality of menÆs crimes, the author focuses on the sexed bodies and subjectivities of men--as offenders, victims, agents working within the criminal justice system, and criminologists seeking to explain crime. Highlighting the limitations of the concept of masculinity, Masculinities, Crime, and Criminology calls for a reassessment of the crimes of men based on a critical re-focusing on questions of heterosexuality, childhood, the family, and the "social."
Sex, Gender and the (Criminal) Bodies of Men
Sex, Gender and the (Criminal) Bodies of Men
Boys' Own Stories? Law, Criminology and (Un)Sexy Bodies
The `Trouble with Boys'? The Child, the Social and the Dangerous Other
`A Lonely Man with a Passion for Guns'
Crime, Community and the Heterosexualized Body

Absent Fathers, Criminal Sons and Straight Men
The Heterosexual Family and the Family of Crime

Concluding Remarks
`Taking Masculinity Seriously'? Theory, Practice and the (Hetero)Sexing of Criminology


Richard Collier

Richard Collier is a Reader in Law at the University of Newcastle. More About Author