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A Critical Textbook

November 2010 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With a focus on introducing the key concepts of critical and alternative marketing, this text brings the real-world challenges and considerations of marketing to students. Both productive and positive, the approach taken offers other ways of looking at, and solving, marketing 'problems'.

Using examples and case studies to illustrate and discuss major alternative and critical perspectives on the subject, it enables students to constructively question the conventional assumptions, concepts and models with which they are already familiar.

- Each chapter in this book presents the alternative(s) approaches to the topic step by step

- Real world case studies and examples

- Fully supported with chapter pedagogy

- Features a Companion Website, including Instructor's Manual

Introducing the History of Marketing Theory and Practice
Marketing 'Science' and the Paradigm Debates
What's the Story? Analyzing Marketing Discourse
Interrogating the Ideological Function of Marketing
The Management of Marketing
Taking a Different Look at Business-to-Business Marketing
Consumer Surveillance and Marketing Research
Consumer Rights and Resistance
Consumer Society and the Production of Identity
Marketing and the Sign
Globalization and Ethics


Well-structured, readable, and comprehensive treatment; useful learning activities; glossary an important addition.

Dr Niklas Woermann
Department of Marketing & Management, University of Southern Denmark
August 20, 2012

An interesting book, though fairly 'heavy' for the UG student cohort that it would target.

Mr David Peck
Newcastle Business School, Newcastle University
July 2, 2012

An accessible reader which informs and deepens students' interest in critical marketing studies.

Ms Jonquil Hinson
Marketing, Durham University
June 27, 2012

Here this has been linked to the incorrect course, this will be used as recommended reading in my 'Current Issues' module.

There are very few textbooks which take a critical approach to marketing, most simply present standard threories, albeit in slightly different ways. Such a book was long overdue - it complements general text books very well, and reduces the effort of collating more critical, analytical material from journals.

Dr Antje Cockrill
School of Business & Economics, Swansea University
May 31, 2012

This text book looks at marketing from a different angle which is refreshing. However, the books are required for a first year course and I think it would be better to have a more traditional approach. However, I will include the book as additional reading.
Although the cover is inviting the text and greyness of print inside the book does make it a little drab and uninviting!

Mrs Hilary Bishop
School of Business and Law, Liverpool John Moores UNiversity
August 9, 2011

A very interesting and needed assessement of marketing

Miss Susanna Molander
Marketing, Stockholm University School of Business
August 8, 2011

the level of the book is too high for the expected three year students

Ms Nerea Etura Luque
Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Coventry University
July 11, 2011

Excellent background reading for advanced level students in marketing to gain thorough grounding in marketing theory

Adam Raman
School of Marketing, Kingston University
June 2, 2011

A great and necessary book, useful for students without lacking in theoretical depth. This will be for quite a while a standard book for every marketing discussion that dares to go beyond Kotler.

Dr Matthias Bode
Department of Marketing & Management, University of Southern Denmark
May 16, 2011

A refreshingly critical perspective on a discipline that typically takes itself far too seriously

Professor Lars Binckebanck
BWL, Nordakademie
January 27, 2011

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Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One

Nick Ellis

James Fitchett

Matthew Higgins

Gavin Jack

Ming Lim

Michael Saren

Mike Saren previously held chairs in marketing at the universities of Stirling and Strathclyde and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the UK Academy of Marketing in July 2007. He was a convener of the marketing streams at the Critical Management Studies Conferences, 1999-2011; and one of the founding editors in 2001 of the journal ‘Marketing Theory’’ (Sage Publications). Also co-editor of books on Rethinking Marketing, (Brownlie et al, 1999, Sage) and Critical Marketing: Defining the Field (Saren et al, Elsevier, 2007). His introductory text is Marketing Graffiti: The View from the Street (Saren, 2006, Butterworth Heinemann). More About Author

Mark Tadajewski

I have previously taught at the Universities of Leicester, Essex and Strathclyde and my research interests are fairly eclectic. I continue to engage in research related to the history of marketing, with a specific focus on the influence of the Cold War on marketing and advertising theory. An on-going stream of research deals with racism and eugenics in marketing theory, thought and practice. Suffice to say, these are just a sample of what is presently occupying my attention.   More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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