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Marketing Theory

Marketing Theory
A Student Text

Second Edition
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As a relatively young, applied discipline, one major challenge for marketing has been to build its own distinct body of theory.  One problem for teachers of the subject is that many students find books on marketing theory dense and difficult to follow.  Most are written for academics and researchers, not for undergraduates and taught postgraduates.  The first edition of Marketing Theory: A Student Text aimed to fill this gap.

Building on the popularity of the first edition, published in 2000, Michael J. Baker has teamed up with co-editor Michael Saren to lead a fully updated, second edition. Tackling the roots of marketing theory, and unraveling the many influences and debates that have come to define the discipline, this book is a must-have student text.

Bringing together new and original chapters, together with updated seminal chapters from the popular previous edition, Marketing Theory, A Student Text, Second Edition is an authoritative introduction to the central themes of the discipline.

Summary of key features:

  • A marketing theory text written specifically for students;
  • Provides an introduction and overview of the role of theory in marketing;
  • Chapters cover the background and historical evolution of the topic, the current knowledge base, disciplinary underpinnings, theoretical sub-areas and future directions;
  • Contributors are all internationally renowned leading academic experts in their marketing theory topic;
  • NEW chapters on Sustainable Marketing, Marketing Ethics, Social Marketing, Brand Equity, Innovation and New Product Development, and Relationship Networks.

This text is designed for students of marketing theory on marketing courses.  All students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels will find this book helpful.

Michael J. Baker is Emeritus Professor of Marketing at Strathclyde Business School.
Michael Saren is Professor of Marketing at Leicester University School of Management.

Michael J Baker
Marketing: Philosophy or Function?
Michael Saren
Marketing Theory
D G Brian Jones
A History of Historical Research in Marketing
Patrick E Murphy
Marketing Ethics
Richard J Varey
The Economics Basis of Marketing
Allan J Kimmel
The Psychological Basis of Marketing
Kjell Grønhaug and Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe
The Sociological Basis of Marketing
Kam-hon Lee and Cass Shum
Cultural Aspects of Marketing
Walter van Waterschoot and Thomas Foscht
The Marketing Mix: A Helicopter View
Robin Wensley
Marketing Strategy
Sally Dibb and Lyndon Simkin
Target Segment Strategy
Rob Lawson
Consumer Behaviour
Susan Hart
Innovation and New Product Development
Kristian Møller
Relationships and Networks
Gerard Hastings, Abraham Brown and Thomas Boysen Anker
Theory in Social Marketing
Christopher Moore
Theories of Retailing
William E Kilbourne
An Institutional Approach to Sustainable Marketing
Roderick J Brodie and Mark S Glynn
Brand Equity and the Value of Marketing Assets
Evert Gummesson
The New Service Marketing

Good introduction, also includes a number of salient arguments which could assist students into grasping the importance of theory in their research projects.

Dr Joseph Vella
Marketing , University of Malta
September 24, 2015

Additional reading material for students

Dr Joseph Vella
Marketing , University of Malta
March 18, 2015

I originally thought this would be a good book for my undergraduates (based on the title). Having read it, I felt it might be a bit beyond them. I do think it is a very good book for my MSc students and have encouraged them to read it. The various chapters are very focused and written in a style, which would help prepare them for their dissertations.

Mr Alan Shaw
Business, Sheffield Hallam University
October 17, 2014

This book is one of 2 essential reading.
Very good and critical book.

Dr Brigitte Biehl-Missal
School of Management & Business, Aberystwyth University
November 29, 2013

Well-written and full of good cases which puts theory into practice.

Mrs Line Thomsen
Inst for Information & Media Studies, Aarhus University
September 9, 2013

This book is recommended for marketing students who needs in-depth marketing knowledge. The authors present a very clear idea for each of marketing functions and mix. You will learn the past, present, and future of marketing from professional marketers. I do recommend this book for master level, and must read for doctoral level.

Dr Teerasak Jindabot
Business Administration , Prince of Songkla University
March 18, 2013

Great introduction into core marketing concepts.
Cohesive, fresh approach to advanced marketing theories.
Essential reading for any marketing student.

Mr Jan Breitsohl
School of Management & Business, Aberystwyth University
December 11, 2012

Good book, good insight into a complex area.

Dr Declan Bannon
Business School (Ayr), University of the West of Scotland
November 21, 2012

English teachers like it and believe it is suitable for students

Dr Rafi Sheikh
INTO, University of East Anglia
September 20, 2011

This is a nice book to be able to refer to, and also for certain chapters to bas emy teaching on. For complete adoption as a text book, however, there are too many overlaps with other courses (cb, strategy, innovation, brand management,.. to name but a few). So my fear is that although some chapters (history, philosophy etc) will be very suitable for my particular course, other parts will be more than well known to the students already.

Professor Søren Askegaard
Business Administration , University of Southern Denmark
June 14, 2011

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Michael J Baker

Michael J Baker is Emeritus Professor of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde where he founded the Department of Marketing in 1971. He is the Author/Editor of more than fifty books, most recently the Fifth edition of Marketing Strategy and Management (2014), and over 150 academic Chapters and Articles. He is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Marketing Management and currently Editor of the Journal of Customer Behaviour and the new journal Social Business. More About Author

Michael Saren

Mike Saren previously held chairs in marketing at the universities of Stirling and Strathclyde and was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the UK Academy of Marketing in July 2007. He was a convener of the marketing streams at the Critical Management Studies Conferences, 1999-2011; and one of the founding editors in 2001 of the journal ‘Marketing Theory’’ (Sage Publications). Also co-editor of books on Rethinking Marketing, (Brownlie et al, 1999, Sage) and Critical Marketing: Defining the Field (Saren et al, Elsevier, 2007). His introductory text is Marketing Graffiti: The View from the Street (Saren, 2006, Butterworth Heinemann). More About Author

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