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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy
The Thinking Involved

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Marketing Strategy & Theory

April 2012 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Marketing Strategy: The Thinking Involved is an innovative text that holds that marketing thinking leads to effective marketing strategy. It goes beyond simply introducing students to concepts and theories in the field by providing them with tools and methods to develop marketing thinking and questioning skills that will help them apply the concepts to real-life marketing strategy issues. As the chapters progress, the questions develop towards higher levels and more specialized inquiry, helping students acquire the skills needed in the practice of marketing. The book contains a wealth of pedagogy to support this active learning approach.
The Difference - Becoming a Marketing Strategist

Decompression Exercises - Preparing the Way for Thinking

The Marketing Terrain Coverage

I. The Role Marketing Thinking Plays in Strategy
1. Marketing Thinking
Chapter Introduction

Marketing Thinking

Marketing Thinking and Effective Strategy

Marketing Thinking: 4-Dimensional Spherical (4-DS) Thinking

Learning to Think in a Marketing Way


2. Learning to Think in a Marketing Way
Chapter Introduction

The Process of Appropriation

Marketing Thinking in Practice: Shifting Times - The Muji Experience

Marketing Thinking in Practice: Taking the Sleeping Business to a New Level - Sleep Squad Comes to You

Strategy as a Question

Obstacles to Marketing Thinking


II. Thinking Through the Marketing Process
3. The Big Questions: Assessing the Situation
Chapter Introduction

The Significance of the Situation Assessment to Strategy

Questioning Techniques Applied to the Situation Assessment

Thinking about the Five Forces Model

Strategy Canvas and the Four Actions Framework

Other Related Considerations - Changes in Information


Case: JetBlue - Customers Matter

4. Thinking Further about Marketplace Structure and Strategy
Chapter Introduction

Market Structure Orientations

Who is Segmenting the Market - the Marketer or the Consumer?

Traditional Marketing Logics and Their Sequential Role to Developing Strategy

The Problems of Not Recognizing the Position of the Questions Being Considered (Up- vs. Down-Stream Marketing Questions)

Segmentation Questions

Positioning Questions

Issues with the SPOT Marketing Perspective

Self-Selection Segmenting Questions

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Predictive Analytics


Case: Red Bull - What Does the Future Hold?

5. Thinking Through Difference - The Nature of the Marketplace and Consumption
Chapter Introduction

A Difference Perspective of the Marketplace

Marketing Thinking in Practice - The Global Crisis

Difference Perspective of Consumers

From a Difference Perspective - The Role of Strategy

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Nestle

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Strategic Collaboration Options


Case: Apple, Inc. - The Need to be Different

6. Thinking through the Marketing Mix
Chapter Introduction

Marketing Mixes

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Barnes & Noble's E-Commerce

Issues with the Marketing Mix Concept

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Collaborative Marketing

Alternative Views to Consider

Thinking Strategies to Maneuver Around the Concept Obstacle


Case: Ally Bank - The Bank that Wants to be Your "Trusted" Friend

7. Co-creating Meaningful Differences with Products and Services
Chapter Introduction

The Meaning Generation Process - Creating Differences

Transitional Thinking - From Quality to Innovation and Beyond

Creating Value through Prices

Marketing Thinking in Practice - How Online Brand Communitiies Work

Strategy Considerations


Case: In-N-Out Burger - Keeping it Simple

8. Co-creating (Co-marketing) Meaningful Differences with Marketing Communications
Chapter Introduction

Traditional vs. Contemporary Forms of Marketing Communications

An Alternative to the Persuasive Orientation

Co-marketing Communication Strategies

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Ford Fiesta


Case: Alessi - Open Innovation

9. The Changing Customer Interface Landscape
Chapter Introduction

Re-thinking the Front Office

Marketing Thinking in Practice - The Service Interface

Customer Interface Changing Technology

Co-marketing: Co-creating an Experience

Creating "Value" - An Expanding View

The Consumer Experience - Strategy Considerations


Case: The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts: Getting it Right

10. Thinking Beyond Logistics
Chapter Introduction

Thinking through the Channel Concept

Marketing Thinking in Practice: The Value Chain

Forms of Collaborative Distribution


Case: Zara Retailing - What's on the Shelf Today?

11. The Question of Price
Chapter Introduction

The Origins of Price

The Strategy Role of Price

Marketing Thinking in Practice - Raise Your Prices!

Price Determination


Panera Bread Company - Believing in Reciprocity

III. Reflective vs. Forward-Looking Sides of Marketing Thinking
12. Assessment vs. Navigating Strategy - Using Metrics
Chapter Introduction

The Backward-Looking Perspective and Rear-View Metrics

Marketing Thinking in Practice: Rear-View Metrics

The Balanced Scorecard Perspective

The Forward-Looking Perspective and Metrics

Differences between Assessment and Navigating


Case: Best Buy - Looking Forward - A New Way

IV. Thinking Organization
13. Cultivating a Thinking Culture
Chapter Introduction

Organizational Cultures

Barriers to Organizational Thinking

Marketing Thinking in Practice: Creativity is the New Style in Leadership!

Characteristics of Thinking Organization


Case: Google, Inc. - Seeking the Fun in Innovation


“The unique feature of this textbook is that it blends traditional marketing thinking and the emerging theme of thinking in marketing. It is an awesome marketing textbook.”

Jifeng Mu
Alabama A&M University

“The author introduces strategy as a ‘way of thinking’ as opposed to using models in a passive manner. The goal is very ambitious and I commend him on adopting this stance. The various thought projects, decompression exercises, etc, are very well thought out.”

Debi Mishra
Binghamton University

I have not received the review copy so I was not able to review the book and make decision.

Jack Wei
Marketing and Real Estate Dept, Univ Of West Georgia
August 23, 2021

Interesting book, but too complex concepts. It can work for graduate courses, but not for undergraduates

Dr Marcos Hashimoto
School Of Business, University Of Indianapolis
July 18, 2018

The content is really interesting! It provides a new way of thinking the marketing strategies. The book is good for begginers and also for professionals that has great experience with the discipline.

Professor Lucas Lira Finoti
Business Administration , FACEAR
April 7, 2016

Fantastic tips and very good detailed thinking on Marketing Strategy the real life case studies are brought to life by the author

Mr Mohammed Arshad
Training, Calderdale College
May 14, 2015

The book provides basic knowledge about marketing strategy. The topics being covered are well chosen. Furthermore, many examples and cases are used for a better understanding and application of the theory. Especially the chapter about prices is well elaborated and gives many practical insights. However, it would be nice if the book would aslo contain a chapter about different marketing strategic tools and their application (e.g. calculation of the BCG-Matrix).

Miss Agnieszka Zablocki
Department of Marketing/Institute for International Marketing Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business
April 22, 2015

This book provides a slightly different view on some of the current thinking. It allows students to widen their perspective of marketing strategy.

Mr Alan Shaw
Business, Sheffield Hallam University
October 17, 2014

Fantastic book

Mr Troels Møller
Danish Academy of Business & Technology , Danish Business Academy
July 9, 2014

Good overview, nice examples, good business graphics

Mr Florian Dieterle
Marketing Management, Hochschule fuer Unternehmensfuehrung
December 18, 2012

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Mark E. Hill

Mark E. Hill is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Montclair State University with more than 20 years of academic and professional experience. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, and Consumer Behavior, and has published numerous articles on subjects related to marketing thinking. In 2006, he was honored with the Best Article for 2001 award by the journal of Marketing Education Review on “Teaching and Effectiveness: Another Look,” at the 2006 Society for Marketing Advances Annual Conference. While Dr. Hill’s research provides the academic foundation of Marketing Strategy: The... More About Author

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